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Google My Business – COVID 19 Updates for Home Builders

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With the continuing development of the COVID-19 pandemic, Google My Business has taken action to ensure the continued accuracy of all listings on its platform for both users and businesses. On average, a Google My Business listing is viewed over 1,000 times per month. Google has released updated guidelines, added a new post type, and […]

Life Events for Google Display


Back in 2017, Google introduced a unique option for advertisers to target users based on recent or upcoming life events, including college graduation, marriage, and moving. Recently, Google added even more life events that advertisers can target online, and expanded this option to the Google Display Network (banner ads).   The Google Display Network allows […]

Decade in Review

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If welcoming a new year wasn’t exciting enough, we’re also welcoming a new decade. Of course, as we bid a fond farewell to the ‘10s and welcome the ‘20s, we’re taking a look back at technology’s greatest era — and more specifically, the mobile apps that changed our lives in more ways than one.  From […]

Everything You Need to Know About ADA Web Compliance

When you hear or see “ADA Compliance,” you might think of safety products like ramps instead of stairs going up to a building or wider doorways and lower sinks for people in wheelchairs. But did you know that ADA Compliance, as opposed to ADA Standards, applies to websites? As a builder (with an important website!) […]

It’s a Blog About Blogs | Blog

Blog About Blogs

Grab your glass of Chardonnay, kick off your work shoes, and gather ‘round — we’re diving into the juicy topic that’s been at the forefront of your mind for countless years: blogs. Oh yes, one word, so many hot takes. Whether filled with witticisms, puns, and awful yet endearing alliterations, or profound diction that could […]

Data Makes Marketing More Personal

Think of the times you’ve received a gift, both from someone that didn’t know you and from someone that did. Of course, any gift is appreciated, but one that’s hand-picked by someone that knows you feels special. A gift that you actually want isn’t just useful; it’s personal and thoughtful.    Now think of your […]

How to Optimize YouTube Videos the Right Way


When you search for a video on YouTube, do you ever wonder how the top results get there? It isn’t always because they’re the best videos, and it most certainly isn’t by accident. From the video title to a custom thumbnail, the videos that have the most visibility are also the videos that are strategically […]

Finding Your Buyers Through Geofencing

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When a potential homebuyer walks into a model home, they become a “serious buyer” — as a builder, how can you connect with this high-value audience at the right moment? The answer is geofencing, a powerful digital tool that allows you to target serious buyers with digital ads as a way to increase foot traffic. […]

Introduction to Machine Learning

One of 2019’s hottest digital marketing buzzwords is machine learning.  While there are many complex applications, the basic concept is simple: allowing technology to learn from experience.   What is Machine Learning? Machine learning is already much more a part of your everyday life than you likely realize. For example, Apple’s Siri and other personal […]