Google Analytics 4 Updates

With growing concerns regarding cookie based targeting and consumer policy, a recent Google Analytics update intends to be a long-term solution for data analytics. Without cookie-based tracking, we would experience gaps in website data and the inability to track website engagement for individual users. Google Analytics 4 – the latest version –  is focused on addressing this issue, improving data insights with machine learning and addressing the latest privacy laws.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that helps marketers and businesses understand users visiting their website. From how the users found the website to behavior on the website, Google Analytics is essential for marketing and understanding your potential buyers.

Significant improvements have been made to Google Analytics – the biggest being improved technology. By using Google’s advanced machine learning models, Google Analytics is now able to identify better marketing insights. Additionally, Google can now identify users across apps and various platforms. With these additional insights, the Google Analytics 4 update will be a valuable tool increasing the ROI of your digital marketing efforts.

Intriguing new insights include video engagement and client retention data. According to Google, their machine learning models can predict future actions of new customers. For example, if a potential homebuyer is on the market and fills out a form on your website, Google will help determine the value of that goal completion based on that user’s engagement.

While the traditional platform hasn’t been phased out, and Google Analytics 4 is continuing to roll out new features, our team has already begun to install new property views across our builder’s Analytics accounts. We’ll be providing up to date on the newest platform, and are excited to provide greater data insights in the near future!

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