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S3 EP9 | The Importance of Customer Experience

Show Notes: Focus Discussion of the Week: Chelsey and Katie chat about the importance of customer experience, and the difference it makes when building a home. This episode is packed with ideas and examples on how to make new homebuyers feel connected to the process. Plus it wouldn’t be a Chelsey & Katie episode without […]

S3 EP8 | Builder Deep Dive

Show Notes: Focus Discussion of the Week: Matt and Mollie are back together for a special episode to chat about what’s working well for New Home Inc. Listen and learn helpful video content tips, processes and efficiencies, communication tactics, and more! This one is PACKED with easy-to-implement ideas you won’t want to miss. Transcript Mollie: […]

S3 EP7 | ON: The Mastery of Selling

Show Notes: Focus Discussion of the Week: Join Alexis Udine and a very special guest, Roland Nairnsey, a renowned national sales trainer and owner at New Home Sales Plus as they unpack valuable nuggets from Roland’s new book, Mastery of Selling for New Homes. Transcript Alexis: Welcome to building perspective with Group Two. I’m your […]

S3 EP5 | BONUS EPISODE – Marketing Shifts to Stick With

Show Notes: Focus Discussion of the Week: Builder Marketing Managers Alexis Udine and Amanda Druschel take you through LIVE INTERVIEWS with Group Two builder partners from the IBS 2022. Our special guests were all asked the same question, “What’s the biggest change you’ve made to your marketing or sales initiatives in the last two years, […]

S3 EP4 | How To Address Bad Online Reviews

Show Notes: Focus Discussion of the Week: Bad online reviews are practically inevitable, and the way you handle those reviews can make or break your online perception and your brand reputation. Hear from Laura Stortz, g2 Builder Marketing Manager, and Jane Vitelli, g2 Social Media Coordinator, as they discuss responding to bad reviews in a […]

S3 EP3 | The OSC + Marketing Relationship

Show Notes: Focus Discussion of the Week: Alexis Udine and Laura Stortz talk specifics when it comes to OSC and Online Marketing collaboration. The OSC gets to hear straight from your buyers what they are looking for and the questions they are asking. By working together, your OSC can enhance your marketing content so your […]

5 Home Builder Marketing Shifts That Are Here to Stay

In 2020 and 2021, home builders had to shift marketing strategies… and shift them fast! The good news is, some of the new ways of doing things make a lot of sense to keep around for the long-term, and are already being adopted by many as best practices and industry standards. Here are five shifts […]

S3 EP2 | What to Expect at IBS

Show Notes: Focus Discussion of the Week: Chelsey Keenan and Katie Kolakowski review where you can find and connect with Group Two ( team members at the International Builders’ Show this year in Orlando.  How you can participate in Builder Books’ The House That She Built $500 Cash Challenge every day, the awesome photo ops […]

Featured Home Builder Website: Weaver Homes

featured home builder website design weaver homes

One of the challenges that many builders face with their websites is how to effectively showcase all their content so that it is searchable and useful to the user. Today, with a major emphasis on content creation as a means of educating the consumer, it’s critical that photos, videos, resources, inventory homes and more are […]