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Combat Ad Fatigue: Strategies to Keep Your Ads Fresh

ad fatigue

In the world of digital marketing, things move quickly. Trying to catch and hold the attention of your audience is an ongoing challenge. With so many ads on social media platforms, it is hard to stay ahead of the competition and the risk of ad fatigue looms large. Knowing the signs of ad fatigue and […]

The Power of Testimonials and User-Generated Content in Advertising

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, user-generated content (UGC) has become a formidable force in advertising. In fact, there’s nothing quite as compelling as authentic testimonials and UGC when it comes to showing who you really are. Leveraging UGC-like ads is a key strategy for brands looking to increase engagement and conversions. Discover the […]

5 Content Marketing Predictions for 2024

Content marketing continues to evolve at a rapid pace and we know that staying ahead and keeping up with the trends is essential in the digital marketing world. Let’s dive into five predictions for the year ahead. 1. Increasing Importance of Video Content Video content has been on the rise for several years, but its […]

Going Cookie-less

So, what is “Cookie-less” all about? On Google Chrome browsers, cookies are still active, but third-party cookies will be gone by the fourth quarter of 2024. This change is driven by growing concerns about privacy and how companies handle their data. Other web browsers like Firefox and Safari have already blocked third-party cookies by default, […]

Mastering the Lens: A Guide to Homebuilding Photography and Videography

The homebuilding industry is highly competitive, so you need to make sure you are staying ahead of the game when it comes to your photography and videography. Effectively showcasing your craftsmanship, design, and unique features sets you apart from the rest. High-quality photography and videography can make all the difference in helping you attract potential […]

Demystifying Google Analytics 4: What to Expect

Google Analytics 4 for Homebuilders

With a quickly approaching transition date on July 1, 2023, Google will be sunsetting Universal Analytics (UA) in place of its new property, Google Analytics 4 (GA4). While there are likely many questions about what this change brings, the transition will introduce a wealth of opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of how customers interact […]

5 Reasons Builders Should Consider Virtual Staging

As marketing professionals in the building industry, we see the full gamut of photos from blurry and unprofessional, to professionally designed and staged. And we believe that every builder can benefit from incorporating virtual staging into their content strategy. Doing so can help attract both new and old buyers. All home buyers search online during […]

Launching A New Community: The Importance of Branding

Building a new community is exciting for any builder, but visualizing a new product and community from the ground up (literally) and introducing it to your market? Now that’s exhilarating. There is a lot of strategic and creative thought that goes into starting a brand new community, and this is what G2 does best. Branding […]

Marketing After Contract Creates Brand Champions

The housing market continues to ebb and flow, but we’ve seen a time in most markets where each builder finds themselves in a similar situation. With sitting inventory, under-appraising homes, a rise in cancellations, and a force of hand to offer incentives left and right. It’s exhausting as a builder. As a buyer, it can […]

The Importance of Brand Voice

Everyone’s heard it: Words matter. But unless you spend your days obsessing over nouns, verbs, and adjectives, (Hi! 👋), you may not have thought about why word choices truly matter. As a copywriter, I have to convey specific messaging in an allotted format. For example, an email announcing a new phase of construction, and compelling […]