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S3 EP14 | Leadership and Management Training

Show Notes: Focus discussion of the week:  Join Chelsey Keenan and special guest, Jessi Kelly. Jessi is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Stylecraft, a homebuilder in Texas. Enjoy these key takeaways on everything from mindset, to delegating, to leadership in the housing industry. Transcript   Chelsey: [00:00:00] Hi, and welcome to Building Perspective […]

Top Marketing Solutions for Homebuilders in 2022

Young female construction specialist reviewing blueprints at construction site

Builders nationwide are experiencing similar challenges as the market shifts. Across the country, new home sales volume is softening. We must develop impactful big-picture strategies with our Builder Partners during these times of uncertainty and longer buying cycles. To develop these strategies, builders must have three things identified and measured: Clearly Defined Sales Goals Lead […]

S3 EP13 | Controlling the Controllable

Show Notes: Focus discussion of the week:  Time to shift strategies and ramp up your marketing! Make sure you start by controlling the “controllable”. Amanda and Ali share no-cost things new home marketers should do to take control today. Get the full list on our Group Two blog. Transcript Chelsey: [00:00:00] Hi, and welcome to […]

S3 EP11 | Marketing Partnerships

Show Notes: Focus discussion of the week:  From best practices to scalability, tune in to learn more about the benefits of partnering with outside brands and businesses – big and small! Join Amanda as she chats with Special Guest, TJ Streit, VP of Marketing at Dream Finders Homes. Transcript Chelsey: [00:00:00] Hi, and welcome to […]

S3 EP9 | The Importance of Customer Experience

Show Notes: Focus Discussion of the Week: Chelsey and Katie chat about the importance of customer experience, and the difference it makes when building a home. This episode is packed with ideas and examples on how to make new homebuyers feel connected to the process. Plus it wouldn’t be a Chelsey & Katie episode without […]

S3 EP8 | Builder Deep Dive

Show Notes: Focus Discussion of the Week: Matt and Mollie are back together for a special episode to chat about what’s working well for New Home Inc. Listen and learn helpful video content tips, processes and efficiencies, communication tactics, and more! This one is PACKED with easy-to-implement ideas you won’t want to miss. Transcript Mollie: […]

S3 EP7 | ON: The Mastery of Selling

Show Notes: Focus Discussion of the Week: Join Alexis Udine and a very special guest, Roland Nairnsey, a renowned national sales trainer and owner at New Home Sales Plus as they unpack valuable nuggets from Roland’s new book, Mastery of Selling for New Homes. Transcript Alexis: Welcome to building perspective with Group Two. I’m your […]