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Demystifying Google Analytics 4: What to Expect

Google Analytics 4 for Homebuilders

With a quickly approaching transition date on July 1, 2023, Google will be sunsetting Universal Analytics (UA) in place of its new property, Google Analytics 4 (GA4). While there are likely many questions about what this change brings, the transition will introduce a wealth of opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of how customers interact […]

5 Reasons Builders Should Consider Virtual Staging

As marketing professionals in the building industry, we see the full gamut of photos from blurry and unprofessional, to professionally designed and staged. And we believe that every builder can benefit from incorporating virtual staging into their content strategy. Doing so can help attract both new and old buyers. All home buyers search online during […]

Launching A New Community: The Importance of Branding

Building a new community is exciting for any builder, but visualizing a new product and community from the ground up (literally) and introducing it to your market? Now that’s exhilarating. There is a lot of strategic and creative thought that goes into starting a brand new community, and this is what G2 does best. Branding […]

The Importance of Brand Voice

Everyone’s heard it: Words matter. But unless you spend your days obsessing over nouns, verbs, and adjectives, (Hi! 👋), you may not have thought about why word choices truly matter. As a copywriter, I have to convey specific messaging in an allotted format. For example, an email announcing a new phase of construction, and compelling […]