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It’s a Blog About Blogs | Blog

Blog About Blogs

Grab your glass of Chardonnay, kick off your work shoes, and gather ‘round — we’re diving into the juicy topic that’s been at the forefront of your mind for countless years: blogs. Oh yes, one word, so many hot takes. Whether filled with witticisms, puns, and awful yet endearing alliterations, or profound diction that could […]

Buyer Journey Breakdown Part 1: The Top | Blog

Group Two Buyer Journey Lead Generation

In 2019, people are not only shopping on mobile devices, they’re taking more steps to get to the exact product they want. This sequence of steps can be articulated through a sales funnel, a marketing model that maps out the route that buyers take from initial awareness of a product to a final purchase. More […]

Brand vs. Product


If the difference between “brand” and “product” seems unclear, you’re certainly not alone. As a builder, you may only think that your product has value, or that your brand doesn’t even exist — but the truth is that your unique brand (yes, you have a brand!) provides just as much value as your product does.  […]

If Your Marketing Is Not Working, Cut It Out

When it comes to your company’s marketing strategy, our advice is simple: if something’s not working, cut it out. Wasting your dollars on tactics that don’t push your company forward hurts you both now and in the long run. While no one intends on throwing money away, we find that ineffective measurements can lead you […]

Introduction to Machine Learning

One of 2019’s hottest digital marketing buzzwords is machine learning.  While there are many complex applications, the basic concept is simple: allowing technology to learn from experience.   What is Machine Learning? Machine learning is already much more a part of your everyday life than you likely realize. For example, Apple’s Siri and other personal […]

Making Your Corporate Culture the Voice of Your Brand

It’s impossible to hide our team culture at group two. It’s who we are, how we work together, and a huge part of how we connect with and work with our builders. This past week, Mollie spoke at The International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas about this very topic, and how your internal culture IS […]

Values That Matter


Every builder knows the value of a competitive edge — and in today’s housing industry, nothing’s more advantageous than exclusive floorplans. When your thoughtfully designed plans are federally copyrighted, your competitors can’t touch them, and most importantly, your buyers can choose a home that’s entirely exclusive. Al Trellis and Bill Watkins created Values That Matter […]

12 Reasons to Chat With us About Your 2019 Marketing Plan


Another year, another chance to take your homebuilding company to new heights! As you head into 2019, what changes or additions will you make to your marketing plan to ensure your most prosperous year yet? At group two, we take a multi-faceted approach to marketing, because success is “built” from the efforts of many components. […]

Make Sure You Are Driving The Conversation On Rising Home Prices

“Rising prices” might sound like a barrier when speaking to potential homeowners, but this can in fact be used to your advantage when communicated the right way. We understand the importance of truth and transparency in marketing, and always recommend that builders address pricing by being clear, direct and honest. The truth is that the […]