Launching A New Community: The Importance of Branding

Building a new community is exciting for any builder, but visualizing a new product and community from the ground up (literally) and introducing it to your market? Now that’s exhilarating. There is a lot of strategic and creative thought that goes into starting a brand new community, and this is what G2 does best.

Branding at the community level is not only a strength of ours, but a collaborative process we love sharing with our builders! If you have a new community coming on board in the near or distant future, here are a few items to think about and keep in mind before you get started and during the process.

Your Community’s Unique Selling Proposition

First and foremost, what makes your community unique? While there may be many answers (location, amenities, product type, etc.), find the one that no other competitor in your market owns. This is how you truly stand out and shine among a sea of other builders who on the surface appear to be doing the same thing. If you’re introducing a new product within a new community, you’ll want to be sure you highlight all the benefits it’s going to offer its homeowners. For example:

No stairs. Perfect for aging adults or parents who want to be on the same floor as their kids.

A three-story townhome vs the single-family homes that you’ve historically built. Be sure to emphasize the rooftop views and extra bedroom or office they’ve always wanted!

Identify Your Target Buyer

Who will be buying your homes in this community? What do they value and like to do in their free time? How old are they and what is their family dynamic? Do they work at home or need to travel? Your buyer demographic is hugely important in understanding how you’re going to appeal to them and what will literally move them!

Brand Aesthetic

How do you want people to feel when they think about or see your new community? Do you want them to feel peaceful and quiet or excited and on the go? Is the vibe cutting edge and modern or laid back and traditional? Will colors be bright and cheery or soft and muted? Understanding visually how you want your community to be represented, starting first with solidifying your community’s logo and mood board, helps guide the direction of your future marketing.

Also, keep in mind how your new community will fit under the umbrella of your company’s branding. While they don’t have to look nearly identical, you want people to be able to associate your community with your company, so keeping your company logo and website, along with other existing communities, in mind while envisioning your community’s new look is crucial.

Implementing Marketing Tactics

Once you’ve nailed down your community’s unique selling proposition and aesthetic, it’s time to get the word out! Your target demographic will help determine what communication avenues will be most effective in reaching them.

  • Is it all digital?
  • A mix of digital efforts and even print media?
  • Heavy with competitors, how about some targeted geofencing?
  • An in-person or virtual grand opening depending on whether your buyers are local or out-of-state.

Looking ahead to a new community is an exciting time for both builders and soon-to-be homeowners. As marketers, we may love this process even more as we get to ignite our creative brains and visually build a new home community from the very beginning with you.

We hope you’ve found this information informative, helpful, and inspiring! If you need more guidance and partnership during this process, we’re ready to help, as this is what we do best! Contact us today to get started!

Written by Laura Stortz

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