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22 | The Experience

Transcript [00:00:00] Matt: It’s not the, he did this amazing job on a sales process, but it was that he had one and that he listened to the issues. My quote unquote pain, cause everybody is buying something because they have a pain in our industry. It’s, they had a life changing event. Right? It […]

20 | Artificial Intelligence and Homebuilding With Bassam Salem

episode 20 cover

Transcript [00:00:00] Bassam: We expect everything now, you know, far be it for us to ever expect someone to wait for us for minutes, let alone hours. Today’s average consumer research continues to support that. If you’re on a live chat, for example. And you don’t get a response within eight seconds, we’re more likely […]

18 | Uniquely You

Transcript [00:00:00] Matt: Everyone’s default. Go to is energy efficiency, right? Like they’re like, Oh, how? How are you different? Oh, well, we’re energy efficient and we have a warranty and we build quality homes and we have a team who cares? Well, so does everybody else. That’s the reality of it. That’s the. Standing […]

17 | The Buyer Journey

the buyer journey

Transcript [00:00:00] Mollie: Buyers expect choice and the choice starts not just when it comes to product and what you’re building. It comes to how they engage with you, how they interact with you, how they consume information. And part of. Having that choice in, in where they get information is really this underlying feeling […]

16 | Building Builder Brands With Special Guest Georgia Castellano

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