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The first step of a buyer’s process is typically a visit to Zillow or your website. But if you don’t have high-quality images and renderings of your homes, buyers will quickly drop you from consideration. An easy solution? Box Brownie! Peter Schravemade of Box Brownie joins the podcast to discuss how your empty spec home or floor plan that isn’t even built yet can be transformed into a lived-in space, thanks to the power of CGI rendering and photo enhancement.


  • Exclusive for Building Perspective listeners! Get a Virtual Stage edit, a three-image enhancement, and a twilight conversion FREE with the code GROUPTWO when you sign up here.
  • Learn how to shoot real estate with only an iPhone 11 with the CameraPixels PRO app and Box Brownie’s HDR Image Enhancement here. Here’s an example: 



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Two thought leaders come together to explore all things sales and marketing from their unique perspectives. Each week, Mollie Elkman, Matt Riley, and others from Group Two dive into a focus discussion to talk about the latest trends, changes, and best practices.

[00:00:00] Peter: Yeah. You know, you got to sell a sizzle, to quite an Australian term. You already tell us we should throw another shrimp on the Barbie. that, that is, that is the reality. You’ve got to sell that sizzle. It’s not so much about the, you know, the, the, the picture that comes before it, it’s the purchaser imagining that they’re living, that life in there.

And, and also, you know, as far as future trends are concerned, we’re seeing massive. Movement, not just in, in a pandemic period that we find ourselves in, but even before we see massive movement to immersive, immersive marketing, that’s not just in real estate, that’s in building in construction.

We’re even seeing it in cars and automotive at the moment are people are moving to immersive and immersive view of the country. you know, don’t get left behind on that.

[00:01:00] Matt: Hi, and welcome to building perspective with Matt Riley and Mollie Elkman we’re here to bring

value to you


Matt: your team. Exploring

all things, sales and marketing related

all from different perspectives. All right. Welcome back to another episode of building perspective. And this week I have a very special guest, and we are going to dive into something near and dear to my heart.

And I’m going to say this, with my best Australian accent. but I have. Peter Shriver made. I didn’t say shraga made sure how you’re going to have to help me out here.

Peter: It’s travel it’s revenue, but that’s all, that’s all w w

Matt: with box brownie. And if you guys obviously like we, as a company, we work with, recommend box brownie to tons of our builder partners.

And I thought, you know, what, a better way to talk about [00:02:00] some tips and tricks and what. You guys do as a company than to have you on the show. So thank you so much for carving the time out of your day to chat with me and our audience and

Peter: welcome. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks for having me. It’s it’s, it’s great to be on your podcast.

look, we, and thank you for recommending us before I forget, but, What we, what box brownie is, if you, if you’re not familiar with, we don’t sell hash brandings to relax the transaction process. That’s not, not part of it. The box brownies, actually a camera. and a lot of people don’t realize that that’s the, inspiration we took to naming the company.

the slogan of the camera was, is released by Kodak Eastman, but it came out in 1,901. And the slogan was you take the photo, we do the rest. And that’s really the reality of boxing, bratty.com. We’re an online website. people submit imagery to us and we edited in some way, shape or form. And it doesn’t just have to be imagery.

I mean, today we’re on a building and construction podcasts largely. So, people [00:03:00] submit input files, which could be CAD files or floor plan. And we return them are professionally edited in some way, why or a CGI or a render. So that’s the premise behind the company, I suppose.

Matt: That’s awesome. I love, I love the name.

I love that you took it back to a Kodak camera from 19. I want to think that that’s amazing, and, and putting a, a new age, spin on that. and so if you, for, I just want to start, if you guys have not used a box brownie, you got to check them out and we’re going to dive into some other really cool things that they do.

What Peter and his team do at box brownie. We’re going to start with some of the basic stuff, and then we’re going to die. Then we’re going to get deeper into the weeds and talk about really some groundbreaking things that, that you guys are doing that are just amazing. And we’re going to kind of talk through, well, this is a visual thing.

This is a audio only podcast, and we’re gonna be talking about [00:04:00] some visual things. I’m just. Close your eyes and imagine what’s what if you’re driving, don’t close your eyes. No, that’s a bad, bad idea. Right. But, but hang with us and we’re going to dive in, so, all right, Peter. So. Let’s talk about first off, you know, when we’re talking about images and editing and all the stuff that you’re doing.

I think one of the things that so impressive right out of the gate before we even talk about the stuff is the turnaround time. Because when we talk with builders and we recommend. They’re like, Whoa, wait a minute. How fast can I get these turned around? Cause they’re used to such this big, long drawn out process.


Peter: how,

Matt: what is your turnaround time on this stuff? And how do you even pull that off?

Peter: Yeah, so we have a range of products and they are all different turnaround times, but, largely, the products, you know, let’s go with our top four. Which is where we enhance imagery. A second one is where we remove items.

The third one is where we convert a daytime photo to a Twilight. Now [00:05:00] those three all come back kind of within a matter of hours. we guarantee 24, but we, we never really get close to that. And the product that you’re referring to mostly is our virtual staging product whereby we put, I guess, furniture into a vacant image, massively popular amongst builders, saves, you know, actually getting us a home staging company and in the car all the time cost associated with that.

so we, we do that. That’s a 48 hour guarantee, but, but most of the imagery returns to you in under 24 is, is kind of where our I’ll, Our queue sits. So we have these guaranteed timeframes for the products and they are, they all vary, but most of them are within a day or two of receipt of the input file.

so you know, the, the processes is pretty simple. You just visit the website, you upload an image, for given product and we return it to you within that timeframe.

Matt: Yeah. And I’ll say it is. Right on target. And that’s just [00:06:00] kind of, what’s always amazing to me that we’ve seen, you know, with the basic stuff from a imagery enhancement to, to staging some of the basic things, like, what does that process look like?

What should I, what should a builder expect when they say, alright, I want you to put furniture in and you’re going to turn this around in 48 hours. What does that process look like for them at that level?

Peter: Yeah. Look, we’ve tried to keep it, I guess as simple as possible, largely because, w what, what your listeners may not be aware of is that we are, massive in the real estate space.

So property agents use us, more than any other image editing company in the world. So we, we do quite a lot. We’re in 110 different countries, so we. Really we’ve had to create a process that universally works across several different, industries, if you like, even though they’re closely related. So, the premise is.

If you’ve ever gone and had a look on an MLS and look for a house, you’ll see thousands of photos where the realtor or the agent [00:07:00] has taken the imagery just from a simple smartphone. W what, what we’ve tried to do is, I encourage them to professionally edit them in, in the building and construction space.

it’s still synonymous. So you will have a landscaping Gardner will be there the last person on your site, because that’s the final piece of the puzzle. If you like, they will take a photo in, in, in the drama that. Building and construction people have in marketing is that’s going to be the photo that you’re going to have to market of that particular product.

it’s really hard to go and build a second and then that professionally shot. So, the, the, the processes you will take. Anything that, that you have, and we will better it. So if that’s the landscape, God, his image, you will upload that to us or you’ll select image enhancement that will come back to you in a matter of hours.

and then, and then the other edits that exist around that. So the Twilight conversion, exists because more people click on a Twilight fund than they do on a daytime photo. So [00:08:00] the landscaping Gardner, again, the last person on site may have, yeah. Without their iPhone or their smartphone, whatever that may be.

And they’ve taken a photo of the front of the house. We professionally edit that, in image enhancement in Twilight conversion, we will change that from a day to a beautiful Twilight shot. and, and we’re not, we’re not talking. great expenses. One is $1 60 in the Twilight conversions, $4. So it’s a, it’s kind of a no brainer.

It’s under our cup of coffee.

Matt: It’s insanity. Peter. It’s insanity that you you’re doing it, that inexpensively. And I. And I stress the word and expensively, and I specifically didn’t use the word cheaply because the quality is, is, I mean, for five bucks you think, Oh, well you get what you pay for. I’m just telling you it’s it is high quality work.

Peter: Yeah. Oh, I appreciate that. And the reality, the reality is we have to deliver it at home quality and, and, you know, to understand the process, these are all [00:09:00] photo edits that would happen if a professional was onsite. So, you know, the only difference in the past has been the hardware, where they’ve turned up with a DSLR and they’ve taken a photo of the house.

the reality is right now, These smartphones are actually beating the DSLRs point and shoot mode. The, the iPhone 11 is off the charts. Good. the, the galaxy or the Samsung, sorry. Samsung S 20 is an amazing camera. so, you know, whichever of these you’re using these days legitimately, you can take a very, very good photo of, Are there any kind of property and we will, we will edit that, professionally.

and, and I mean that, we’ve only spoken about the, the, image enhancement and the Twilight conversion, the item removal exists to remove things like Porter, Johns and construction paraphernalia

Matt: that that would ever be left behind.

Peter: Right. You and I know construction enough, but there’s always something that needs to be removed and it looks [00:10:00] sometimes, yeah.

It’s not even the builder’s fault. Sometimes it’s just a car that’s been parked at the front of the property and the best angle includes that car in it. we, we take that, I, I don’t, I don’t know a builder. He hasn’t had that problem because there’ll be a construction site next door. It may not even be that problem and the tradesman for the next door property, you have taken the Liberty of parking all over the front of this one.

So, you know, but that’s the day that you’re there, that’s the day that you have to shoot. So we take care of stuff like that in item removal. I mean, that’s like an $8 edit, so it’s a, again, it’s not expensive. and then she’ll staging that you talk about is really to just a solution to, you know, look, if you’re going to have a display home, you’re gonna have to finish that.

I’m concerned, but if you want an alternative to that, the. The virtual staging works really, really well. It’s it’s a $32 edit. You really only have to do two to three or three to four images depending on the size of the property. And, and importantly on that one, [00:11:00] Matt, we, we don’t use Photoshop is for that a lot of what, what we do in the three edits that I have mentioned, item removal, Twilight conversion, and image enhancement.

They are Photoshop edits. It’s really important. Once you start getting into the higher end edits, like a, an actual CGI or render or virtual furniture, virtual staging that you understand, they are CGI artists. They are, they’re incredible artists. They’re the same guys that do Harry Potter and star Wars.

And you don’t. You don’t walk out of the cinema going Jean Luke, Skywalker’s lightsaber. Wasn’t real. And that’s the thing with this, the furniture we want you to have the same experience. We don’t want you to look at the virtual staging, engage you that’s plastic and fake. This is the real deal.

Matt: Yeah, absolutely.

No, that’s a, I think that’s a really important key to note is that. This isn’t just done in Photoshop. I mean, these are highly skilled people that are, that are doing an incredible job. I do want to make one comment. I don’t know what kind of Escapers you [00:12:00] guys have in Australia. but if I could get mine to take photos, photographs of my homes, the outside of my homes, when they’re done that, that would be.


Peter: I really, that that’s, that’s something that doesn’t exist generally. Wow. you know, my background is I worked in, in, in this industry. I was a, actually a developer builder here in Australia. We, we built many homes and, We’re always looking for new ways to go about marketing the intangible, from the start of the process.

So from before we’d turned, soil on the site all the way through to the various parts of construct. Sure. We would constantly be trying new ways to get buyers engaged with the purchase of those, those properties. Right. So, that, that actually, was the, the thing we asked the builders to do last at the site is to take a photo.

And what we always found is it was the landscape gardener. you know, if you go through the various stages of building your house from slab to [00:13:00] roof on, you know, to lock up stage to. the fixtures and fittings on the inside that the last period that we would do with the last point in Australia was we would have a landscape gardener.

It would be finishing off the property if it needed finishing. And, and that they would be the ones that took the photo. So it surprises me that you can’t get them to take it. I don’t know. Maybe it’s lost in translation

Matt: sometimes. I can’t, I can’t, we can’t get them to lay the sod properly. Much less.

Take a photograph.

Peter: Well, yeah, well, that’s a, that’s an, that’s an advocate of the fish. You know, the one that is the dirty, dirty footprints through freshly laid carpet all the way through the house. that just used to be my head. Yeah.

Matt: That one. And then you’ve got this pristine exterior, and then you have muddy footprints going up the driveway leading up to the house.

Yeah, that one. That was perfect.

Peter: Well, the good news is we can take those out. You can say

Matt: absolutely are. Okay. Okay. So. You were talking about how good of a quality of a [00:14:00] photo you can take with an iPhone or an iPhone 11. Okay. Or a Samsung. And you get, you gave me a link and I’m gonna, I’m gonna post this.

You guys have a blog that you wrote back in July of this year, on I’ll post those, put this, this link in our show notes, but let’s walk through that for a second. Cause you were talking about some of the technology. You know that you guys use to for image enhancement and you really just kind of laid out a dummy proof way that if you have an, you said, if you have an iPhone and a tripod, you can absolutely shoot incredible images.

So let’s chat about that for a second. And then we’ll walk into like, what was mind blowing that I had to stop you while we were talking like off stage and we got to keep

Peter: talking. Yeah, I look at the, the, this actual system and that you’re talking about now, firstly, I’ll address the blog. If you are in building and construction, there are about a hundred blog posts, articles on how to be better@marketingatboxbrownie.com forward slash [00:15:00] B.

So that, that should be almost like your Bible. If you want to know better ways of marketing, we’ve put all of that content free of charge. Now, one of those articles is called how to shoot real estate with only an iPhone. It’s actually entitled. I find 11, but we’ve found excellent success using the X and some of the models underneath as well.

what happened during the pandemic period is, is that, photographers couldn’t get to site. So they couldn’t, Take photos of finished properties. And what we had to come up with was a dummy proof way, not just for the real estate agents out there, but for building and construction who wanted to get something to market.

and that’s where this system came from now. It’s fairly long and convoluted. So you’re going to have to go to the article, but. in a nutshell, the, the, the, the, there is an app you can download called camera pixels pro, at, at the I’m sorry, Android users. It is just iPhone only at this stage. when you [00:16:00] download that and you install settings, which are available from our blog, takes less than five minutes to do this.

And you put your iPhone onto a tripod. You can press a singular button. Now that we’ll take seven photos of, of that given space. It has two second timer and it’ll, it’ll go bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. And you’ll tell I call it these, these photos. If you submit those photos to our every single time, we can get a really high quality professional image, output out of that, for a dollar 60.

So if. The genius of it is that. Once you’ve got it on the tripod and you’ve got the angle, right? Assuming that you’ve covered off on bare minimums basics, you know, you might have, I’ve turned the lights on, you know, all of that other stuff, the preparation of the property, I’m going to have to leave to you, but it really does take you stupid out of the photo.

You know, if, if you’re, if you’re not a professional and you’ve [00:17:00] never done it before, it doesn’t matter. once you’ve used this, you’ll never go back because everything is perfectly exposed. You can see outside windows. You can see the detail in the room. so I’d, I’d highly encourage anyone taking photos of any property to jump on that.

Matt: And I just, I do want to say if you’re listening to Peter, kind of walk through that and you’re like, there’s, that’s just sounds over my head. I’m a builder. I’m not a photographer. I I’m not, that just sounds too complicated. Literally. The blog. Lazy tilt shows you exactly what to do step by, step on how to set that up.

Oh, so for you’re already carrying odds are you’re already carrying around an iPhone 11 or let’s just say iPhone X or better in your pocket already go spend 45, 50 bucks on a halfway decent tripod and $10 on an app. And you’re pretty much set up right out of the gate. And then box brownie is going to edit your images for a buck 60 a piece.

Peter: Yeah, it [00:18:00] really comes down to that, that process. The, can you have multiple images with those? We can create it. So, but don’t let that stop, you know, if you’re an Android user and you’re out there and you go, you know, that, that sucks because I don’t, I’m not able to do it. Well, number one, we’re, we’re, we’re onto it.

We are going, gonna we’re in the throws of actually coming up with an app that will do that for you. So we haven’t forgotten about you guys. And, and also, single exposure imagery is also very good. This is just a foolproof way of getting it perfect. Every single time. you know, if you can, if you can save the time of returning to site, we’re all busy.

I don’t have time to do that. I don’t know about you, but if you can save that time just by using an app, then, yeah, I would totally be doing it, but yeah, that’s my tip. And, it’s, it’s brand new tech only came out, as you said, July, you know, we’re in October, so yeah. Yeah.

Matt: Fairly fresh. Awesome. It’s really great stuff that right there, ladies and gentlemen is worth your price of admission.

okay. So [00:19:00] let’s talk about, we’re talking about your CGI and rendering artists earlier talking about, you know, they’re the people making Harry Potter, right? So let’s talk about you. You were, we were chatting beforehand and. You’re like click this click and I’m like, wait a minute. What, what am I looking at?

And it’s absolutely it’s insanity. I don’t know any other way to describe it. And it’s, it’s, it’s fantastic. So let’s walk through your talking about your CGI product itself.

Peter: Yeah. Yeah. So all on that, you know, I suppose this is me getting on a soap box. I don’t understand. I really don’t understand why more builders are doing CGI renders.

I’ll even just static renders of the outside of the house. I just don’t get it. last week I spoke to a guy in Spokane. I think that’s Washington state, correct me if I’m wrong. yes. And this guy is a builder in the area. he, he was buying blocks off one of America’s largest home [00:20:00] builders. So they own this development site.

all he was doing is rendering his final product and he was selling them within two weeks. So, he compared that like the, the, the reality of those renders, he compared that, so they were already marketing their hair house on those lots. And it was a case of whoever gets the contract on it first goes to sell it.

Now they were using the two D black and white elevations that you’ve seen. and he said, look, I just want to send you this. So sent me a screen grab of their marketing. he sent me a screen grab of another builder’s marketing and he sent me a screen grab of his marketing all on Zillow. So the two D Elevation that one.

No, I was using, had been on Zillow 73 days. It had had 312 views and four saves in our few unfamiliar with Zillow, saves the people. Yeah. We’re really interested in the product. They’re the ones that want more detail and they want to be kept updated. So that’s 73 [00:21:00] days on the Zillow, 312. You are views in four States.

Now that the other builder was had a. Mid-construction photo. So the clouding wasn’t on the outside the roof wasn’t on. so let’s go, let’s say the marketing was slightly better. It had been on Zillow 21 days. It had had 604 views in it had had eight saves right now. He goes on with his render. He’d been on Zillow for 27 days.

So six days more than the last. He had had 5,172 views and he had had 265 saves. He sold it in four days. Like he was, he is saying to me that he doesn’t understand why more builders are not using CGIs and renders and neither do why. I just don’t, I don’t get it because it’s a, it’s a finished product that you’re trying to sell and the purchases want it.

So, you know, our renders start at $290 and I think. That price is, is also low when you compare it [00:22:00] globally. but the reality is between seven and 14 days, they take, and he’s saying to me that he’s actually really releasing our drafts as a coming soon, and people are actually buying it, but you know, I’ve kind of digressed, I’ve gotten on the soap box about the renders I’d, I’d be using that.

That’d be using that the new product that we have three 60 degrees CGIs or renders. So these are ones that are immersive. And if you can imagine a virtual tour of our, of home, which we’ve all seen, you know, on various portals, we’ll go there and you can swirl around and you can do these, these live walkthroughs.

We can now

Matt: what’s the big one.

Peter: Correct. Yep. That’s it. If you can imagine that we can create those exact tools for homes that don’t exist, and, and that they’re not greatly expensive. So if you want to check that out and, you know, we had a look at this, to actually jumping on the plane, you can go to box brandi.com, click on renders at the top and go [00:23:00] and have a look.

The three 60 degree virtual tours and click on the view example to her. And it’ll take you to one that we’ve created, which these things are going nuts right now, because what happened in the pandemic period is all of a sudden people couldn’t, or didn’t want to actually go into a display home. They were concerned about their health.

They were concerned about what they might catch. They were concerned about passing on what they might have to others. So, you know, we had all of these builders hit us up and go, how can we do this? So we created these three 60 degree virtual. Render two is where we would create renders and, and, you know, they’re pretty lifelike and they come with some killer features.

So, you know, if on that one you can actually toggle between furnished and unfurnished to demonstrate what the house looks like with the furniture and without, it has a little 3d floor plan that sits at the bottom of it. That is exactly the same style and finish. And recently what we also discovered.

So builders have a, a house that they sell multiples of. [00:24:00] Right. So, you know, they usually give it a cool name, like the Charlemagne or something like that. Let’s just go with, it’s your, it’s your favorite plan? You sell hundreds of it. I would be rendering that up in this virtual tour. And I would be actually giving them package options that they can choose from.

So an affordable option, a mid range option and a luxury option. Yeah. As far as fixtures and fittings are concerned and you can switch between those options. In the renders, you can show them what the brass taps look like. you know, different from the, the Chrome or the stainless steel. you can show them what an expensive chandelier looks like in that space, as opposed to just the stock standard downlights that we all use.

So, you know, I’d highly encourage it to have a look at that as, as possibly a better way of immersing a prospective purchaser in the product that you have to sell.

Matt: Yeah, well, and when Peter was telling me about it, I was clicking on I actually for a second thought I was in the [00:25:00] wrong thing because I was like, wait a minute, this looks like house that you just virtually staged.

and. It’s not the nothing was real, right. Like we were in a world that didn’t yeah. Exist. and I mean, yeah, it’s amazing. It really is amazing. Now, obviously, you know, if you really get in there with a magnifying glass and you’re going to be able to, you’ll be able to sell, tell, like, like you were saying, like, Oh, there’s a TV here.

You can tell what the TV is. Not real, but. That doesn’t matter, right? Like you’re, you’re showcasing, you’re making a product actually, that doesn’t exist.

Peter: Yeah. Yup. And Andrew, you’re broadening your reach. You’re sending it to people that don’t necessarily live in your suburb. And right now this, the reality is, is probably a ton of them from outside of your suburb that want to move in there so

Matt: well, and, and we’re in a world here in the States right now where.

There most builders are out of inventory homes because ever, you know, homes under construction, that are unsold they’re out of them because everybody’s purchased them. And so [00:26:00] now it’s flipping the switch over to what we call a presale or a bill, to be built. So someone making an order on a lot to build it.

And so then you are selling, you know, I have something beautiful to show you, but. I don’t have, I can’t show it to you kind of thing. Right? Like it doesn’t exist. And so we’ve got to bring the bring. What’s not real real.

Peter: Yeah. That’s right. So the premise of this is it’s all presale. We call it marketing off the plan because you are marketing it before it exists.

It could be office site plan or, but pre-sell whatever terminology you use. All of those things are for that the floor plan section of our website, where we redraw it in three D is just the minimum. If you’re trying to sell something, somebody is so much better than them looking at the building plans because they can’t, they can’t imagine the difference.

and then the render section that we’re talking about. Yeah, look, that’s all for pre-sell. So if you guys are in, in need of that right now, then, you know, w we can, we can definitely assist you. The whole [00:27:00] premise of box brownie is to give you the tools that you don’t already have. you know, and in line with that, you might have a fantastic render in that I’ve used to, just redrawing the floor plans might be something that we use.

the, the, the premise of our website is that it’s no subscription. You pick and choose whatever you want, and you just pay for that product. To that end. Some builders use us to write the copy. For their house. they want to describe their house, but, you know, being a builder, linguistics grandma’s sales speak is not up their alley.

Well, we have a copyright section where you can get a journalist to write the copy for you on that. And some builders will use that. Some developers will use that to describe the, the up and coming, development project or, you know, whether it’s multifamily or a site that they’re doing it. It doesn’t matter that that’s, that’s the, That’s the beauty of the system.

Some that we put together is that we don’t charge you a monthly fee. There’s no ongoing costs. [00:28:00] It’s just, you use the pieces that make your marketing

Matt: better. Yeah, absolutely. Without a doubt. I think that is EV I think almost all the products that you guys offer are no brainers. And I think that our builders that we work with and we recommend are, you know, utilizing a lot of the, you know, the basics from, You know, fixing images to dropping in virtual staging, but the, the CGI side of things is where it’s going, especially in a world where you’re out of inventory.

You don’t have anything to show. and think about the ability to start pre-selling into a subdivision into a community before it’s finished. And you’re able to actually show these are what these homes are gonna look like. Maybe here’s, here’s the streetscape of what this is actually going to look like from a CGI render capability perspective, and really paint the picture of.

You know, the, the lifestyle that someone’s going to live, because [00:29:00] that’s really what we’re selling is lifestyle.

Peter: Exactly. you know, you gotta sell a sizzle, to quite an Australian term. You already tell us we should throw another shrimp on the Barbie. that, that is, that is the reality. You’ve got to sell that sizzle.

It’s not so much about the, you know, the, the, the picture that comes before it it’s. Purchaser imagining that they’re living their life in their, and, and also, you know, as far as future trends are concerned, we’re seeing massive movement. not just in, in a pandemic period that we find ourselves in, but even before we see massive movement to immersive.

immersive marketing, that’s not just in, yeah, the real estate that’s in building in construction. We’re even seeing it in cars and automotive at the moment, people are moving to immersive and immersive view of the cockpit. you know, don’t get left behind on that. the other thing I’d be encouraging builders to do is to buy themselves a three 60 degree camera.

they’re they’re in affordable. there is, there is sorry they are affordable. there is a particular brand called   [00:30:00] that exists. Yep. Or Rico’s ed. Yeah. That should be part of every builder’s arsenal. You only really need one of them. they’re about the size of my Palm. You know, they have an eight hour battery life.

You just run through with a smartphone, you get out of the image and you press a button and it’s captured a three 60 degree image of a finished product. And it’s a little known fact, but we stitch them together. we offer a no subscription virtual tour, so you can just upload those images to us. And we assemble a minute to, the best part about being a builder is you’ll have the floor plan too, because you know, that comes with the trade.

So, you know, I’d be encouraging every builder out there too. To start looking very, very seriously at, at immersive marketing in some way. And that’s virtual tours of, of things that don’t exist, things that do exist. you know, the more immersion you can give you a purchaser, the better informed they are to make a decision.

and I, you know, I say this to real estate agents. I think the world has moved as far as [00:31:00] marketing is concerned. agents used to run around and they would show, the buyer’s agents would show a buyer. If you’ve ever bought a house, you go and have a look through 60 different houses and then you choose one.

Well, in real estate. World that that’s moved. That doesn’t happen anymore. buyers don’t want to go through 60 or 70 different properties. They want to be better qualified for two or three, and they want to inspect those and they want to purchase them. and that that’s no different to building in construction over here in Australia.

People are actually wanting to be better qualified for the property before they get there. And in fact, if they’re not qualified, It’s actually invoking in a field feeling of disappointment or anger in the, in the, in the past, just because you’ve wasted that time. So, you know, let me give you a great example.

I want to buy a house that doesn’t exist as a presale. I don’t really have any, Wonderful shots or drone photography, or any kind of photography of the actual site. you do your pitch saying it’s brilliant. All of this, the buy gets there and I decided, look, [00:32:00] this is just not what we want this, you know, there’s something about this block of land that we don’t want.

that could have been decided before you even got to the property. Had you described that block of land to them, but now that they are. you’ve got them to site that there’s something they don’t like about it. You could have qualified the better for four or five different lots if you just marketed that to them, in a good way.

So my inquiry to, to anyone, where the building and construction or any, any industry. Is to actually describe the product that you marketing better to your purchaser and do a really, really good job of that because you will save yourself time. it’s not just saving yourself time. You’ll better qualify them to purchase the property and you look professional.

you look, you know, sets you apart from every other builder.

Matt: Yeah, no, absolutely. I do. I think that, everybody, this should just be something that everyone’s doing in there there’s vendors in here in the States that, that are doing this. [00:33:00] I think that, what, what you mean you guys are doing is just as good, if not a better product.

And I, and from what I can tell, it’s substantially more affordable too. I think it’s,

Peter: it’s really great. Yeah, I appreciate that. So look, I mean, if anyone wants any help, I’m, I’m available to do that at any stage. You can, you can get in contact with me. That’s no dramas. if we have 24 hour, seven day a week customer service, so that they’re able to help you, but like, if you’re interested in the renders, you can send an email to renders@boxbrownie.com.

If you want me to have a look at something. Yeah. You got any questions or you don’t like anything I’ve said and you wish to hell abuse at me. but you can also, you can also do that. my email address is peter@boxbrownie.com. It’s really simple. So, you know, if any, if there’s something that you don’t understand or particular scenario that you’re having difficulties with, I’m, I’m not going to do it.

Yeah. Hard sell to you. Hold on. I’ll just tell you what I would do if I was in your scenario and you can go and work with that. It’s really not rocket [00:34:00] science.

Matt: No, absolutely very, very good, very informative. I think that was a, a, I promised you 45 minutes together and we, you have graciously gone over by four of those minutes.

So I, I greatly appreciate your time. I appreciate, the working relationship that our companies have together and our builders that we, that we recommend. And, it’s a. Really great. And you guys should absolutely check this out and we’ll put all the links that Peter described, the Peter walkthrough.

We’ll put all those in the show notes as well. And, yeah. So if you, if you don’t know, box brownie, go check them out. Now,

Peter: Matt, I appreciate your time today. Thanks for having an Aussie on the show and to all of you out there. Stay safe and get in contact with us.

Matt: Absolutely. Thanks

Peter: Peter. Jeez. [00:35:00]


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