What We’re Looking Forward To in 2022

As 2021 draws to a close, we’re reflecting on the great achievements of our builder partners and the home building industry at large. We’re so proud to have been part of many successes—award-winning digital marketing campaigns, the first builder home constructed entirely by women, NAHB’s most successful book launch ever, and many more significant victories throughout the year.

And since we’re a planning bunch, we’re already getting in gear to make 2022 even better! We spoke with Group Two’s department leads to hear what they’re most looking forward to doing, learning, and contributing in 2022:

“I’m looking forward to expanding our reach with The House That She Built and starting to see more women interested in the skilled trades. We can’t market and sell homes if we can’t get them built, so as far as I’m concerned this is a story that everyone in housing can proactively get behind.” —Mollie Elkman, Building Industry

“I’m most looking forward to helping our builders trim down their lead-to-sale buying cycle. Over the past few months, we’ve been providing builders with more tools to nurture and grow their waitlists, so that upon community launch, they are able to generate more sales, more quickly. A shorter buying cycle means more marketing $$ saved.”  —Katie Kolakowski, Marketing Strategy

“In 2022, I’m looking forward to getting hyper-specific with creative campaigns, and educating buyers about new home features that, in the past, we may have saved for deeper in the sales funnel. A good example is Stone Martin Builders’ No More Foam FOMO campaign. We used a combination of video, email, blog, and ads to help consumers understand why spray foam insulation, and therefore a Stone Martin home, is superior.” —Georgia Castellano, Creative

“I’m excited to see how we can further blend together all digital marketing efforts — from Facebook ads to Display ads, text ads to text messages. In 2022, we can’t just depend on one or two digital sources to send traffic to your website; your messaging should be everywhere!” —Chelsey Keenan, Digital

“I can’t wait to take my collaboration with online sales teams to the next level by focusing on personalization for our customers. The interaction with the Online Sales Counselor is the start of the buyer experience and should go above and beyond expectation—and your competition! In 2022, we will focus on video content, team building skills, and establishing trust with our onsite teams. I’m looking forward to having lots of fun in the process!” —Alexis Udine, Online Sales

“I’m looking forward to helping builders position themselves as the ultimate resource for home building in their markets. Buyers come to builders’ websites and blogs for information to help them navigate a complex process and make an informed decision. In 2022, let’s publish content that informs, educates, and enlightens, and shows our customers that we are a trusted partner on this very important journey!” —Thaïs Cuffy, Content

“Websites are the ultimate collaboration of Marketing Strategy, Creative, Content, and Digital Services (not to mention an essential tool for an OSC!). I’m excited to come together with my G2 team to offer our Master-Planned websites to even more builders in the new year. Over the past year we have evolved our website process to be faster and more functional than ever before, and we’re excited to unveil new website features in early 2022″ —Stephanie McNabb, Web Services

From all of us at Group Two, here’s to a successful new year of building, connecting, marketing, and selling! If you need help getting your 2022 sales and marketing plans underway, contact us— we’d love to chat!

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