Stephanie McNabb

Web & Creative Services |

Like Spiral from X-Men, Stephanie has multiple abilities and performs them flawlessly for g2 builder partners. She puts her extensive graphic design powers to work creating campaign artwork, employs eagle eye vision to manage Google Ad campaigns, and exercises visionary prowess to manage the website development process. In short, you want Stephanie on your team and not the other guy’s. 

Stephanie comes to g2 with over seven years of freelance graphic design, art direction, and web development experience, so she knows how to take a project from pitch to implementation (and even invoicing, but we don’t ask her to go that far). It’s no wonder she’s so good at managing everything — she spent time as a graphic design professor at two universities!

When it comes to applying her knowledge and skills to an industry, it was only natural that Stephanie chose home building. Her dad ran a home building business in the 1970s, and even built the house she grew up in. She’s no stranger to getting a new home sold, and feels personally invested in helping each g2 builder succeed.

When she’s not employing all her superpowers to create amazing websites and artwork, she recharges by fueling up on champagne and charcuterie while listening to Khurangbin, one of the coolest bands out. (Google it, you’re welcome).