Stephanie McNabb

Art Director |

Just as intuitive as she is creative, Stephanie designs strategic, on-brand pieces for our builders, no matter how “simple” they are. After all, every choice made, from layout to typography to color, serves a purpose and is never taken lightly. Most importantly, Stephanie understands that the key to a successful project is not about her: it’s about knowing her audience and getting outside of her own head. Yes, she’s as much of a gem as she sounds.

Having grown up in the now-hilarious era of dial-up internet, Stephanie relishes the new opportunities that technology lends to her and her art. With lifelong passions for drawing and painting, she finally found a way to combine both with graphic design (and we’re so glad she did…) Now that she’s mastered this modern, valuable skill, the possibilities for her creations are endless.

When she’s not designing something awesome, you can find Stephanie gleaning artistic inspiration from travel and nature, whether it’s graffiti in Paris or the color palate of a sunset in her Philly neighborhood. She also really loves to cook, so make sure to ask her about her latest “work of art” in the kitchen — her recent experiments include preserved lemons, sriracha aioli, and honey-lavender whipped cream.