Mollie Elkman

Owner & President |

In just a moment, the human brain can perceive something as simple as color or font as either positive or negative. When you apply this action to homebuyer marketing, you have a complex and fascinating challenge at hand. Ever since she was young, Mollie was bound to uncover these answers.

With a passion for understanding human behavior, particularly what drives people to make the biggest purchase of their life, our g2 leader (and sweetest person we know) uses not only her extensive knowledge and industry expertise to connect with buyers, but a kind of empathy that you don’t often see in a business setting.

A natural-born leader with a remarkable knack for cultivating community, Mollie knows that “you are made up of the people you surround yourself with.” When she looks around at her team and the builders that she works with, she feels humbled knowing that she’s pushed to be a better version of herself every day.

From traveling to Israel and Ghana by herself in her 20’s, to becoming a working mom within her family business, every one of Mollie’s experiences, whether inside or outside of work, have shaped her sense of human connection and what g2 means to her. When she’s not running the best company of all, you can find Mollie enjoying a Sweetgreen salad or a walk outside with her two children and her husband, Daniel.

Mollie is also a speaker on all subjects pertaining to builder marketing, and works with a wide range of audiences from small team training sessions to major conferences.