Thaïs Cuffy

Content Strategist |

Thaïs helps home builders communicate stories and ideas through thoughtfully-crafted content. For the last decade, she has helped organizations drive brand awareness, boost web traffic, increase lead conversions, and strengthen customer loyalty – all through the use of helpful and relevant content.

Having started her career in condo marketing, then moving on to proptech and sales and marketing consulting, Thaïs has written, produced, and managed volumes of strategic content for the new home industry. Now, she’s happy to bring her skills to g2!

Considering herself a communicator above all else, Thaïs loves producing material that is useful and inspiring to others. She values quality over quantity, stories over incentives, and solving real human challenges through her work. Group Two’s builders can rest assured that Thaïs will seek out their stories, understand their buyers’ needs, and connect the two with content.

When she’s not searching for the perfect focus and format for an idea, Thaïs is likely planning her next travel adventure, burying her nose in a book, or outside enjoying the beautiful southern weather with her family in New Orleans.