Chelsey Keenan

Social Media Director |

Have you ever wondered if you’re an INFJ or an ESTP (or what these strange letters even mean?) Chelsey has all the answers, and she can’t wait to talk to you about them. Passionate about engaging with people, Chelsey oversees all social strategy, and strongly believes that social media has the power to connect prospective buyers with homebuilders and create conversations.

Did you know that people aged 55-64 are more than twice as likely to engage with branded content than those 28 or younger? The fast-paced nature of our digital world, from shifting trends to new regulations, keeps Chelsey on her toes — which we “like” because she hates to sit still.

Chelsey has done sales training on Myers-Briggs personality types for home builders, and has spoken on the topic at the International Builders Show. Outside of work, Chelsey loves to travel far and wide, and she hopes to one day visit every U.S. national park.