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S2 EP 16 | The OSC’s Role in Social Media

Season 2, Episode 16 of Building Perspective

Show Notes: Focus Discussion of the Week: Should your Online Sales Counselor manage comments and questions on your social media platforms, rather than your marketing manager or onsite agents? The short answer is… YES! This week, Group Two’s Chelsey Keenan and Alexis Udine explain why this is a great strategy for home builders to gain […]

5 Things to Ask Online Leads

Nearly 100% of  homebuyers start their searches online. More leads than ever are coming through websites, social ads, and listing directories. With so many leads, how are Online Sales Counselors (OSCs) supposed to filter through them and focus on the hottest ones while still nurturing all the others? The answer is to take the time […]

Following Up with Prospects: Secret Shop Results

Builder Website Shopping Results

Right now, builders everywhere are experiencing an unusually busy time, seeing an increase in online leads and web traffic as prospective buyers get more of their information online rather than in person. Even now, it’s crucial for you and your team to connect and follow up with your prospects, and show that you’re willing to […]