Tips for Online Sales in an Ever Changing Market

OSCs are always on the frontline when it comes to understanding how market conditions are affecting both prospective buyers and builders themselves. The best way to deal with market shifts is to be prepared with a variety of strategies, so you can respond to any situation. 


Be informative and educational. Don’t lead with “we are pausing sales” or “we aren’t selling” or “our time frame is x” or anything that would make a prospect eliminate you. Instead, continue being helpful and informative by creating unique content. Post video market updates on social media and via eblasts. Craft blogs that are educational and talk about timing and availability. Create interest lists to keep people engaged and excited. 


Continue qualifying prospects. Go through the same set of questions and qualifying parameters no matter what the market conditions or current availability is. When you qualify a prospect, you are figuring out their time frame, budget, etc. based on their answers. Regardless of conditions, they are still a lead or potential buyer. This is also a great opportunity to update your CRM with detailed notes, so when you are ready to go back or re-engage you have detailed notes and can be more strategic and personalized in your follow-up. 



Don’t worry about lead quantity. Many OSCs feel like their lead quantity is down, which is pretty normal given the current market shifts. We simply aren’t seeing the volume or urgency we saw 12-18 months ago. While you had plentiful leads, you may not have had time to re-engage with some prospects. This is the perfect opportunity to reach back into your database and see if people are still in the market for a new home. Clean up and segment your lists based on people’s responses. 


Be involved in your marketing and sales meetings. This kind of awareness and communication should be something that is always happening between the onsite and online teams. But it doesn’t hurt to make sure everyone is 100 percent aware of timing and availability across the board, and that all messaging is consistent. 

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