5 Things to Ask Online Leads

Nearly 100% of  homebuyers start their searches online. More leads than ever are coming through websites, social ads, and listing directories. With so many leads, how are Online Sales Counselors (OSCs) supposed to filter through them and focus on the hottest ones while still nurturing all the others? The answer is to take the time to ask good questions right from the start.


BACFLP (not to be confused with backflip) is an acronym used by g2 Online Home Sales Coaching that represents the new home online sales process. It stands for:







In order to guide the prospect to the next appropriate step — whether that’s to a wait list or an in-person appointment — the OSC must thoroughly understand the “BAC” portion of this sales process for every single lead. 

5 Categories of Questions to Qualify an Online Lead

In today’s market, the OSC has to respond to and qualify each and every lead. Under no circumstances should any lead be met with silence. Asking a few important qualifying questions up front will not only help the OSC understand which sales path is most appropriate, it will also make the prospect feel like they are being listened to and guided based on their unique circumstances. 

Here are the five categories of qualifying questions to ask every lead, in this order, in order to guide him or her to next steps: 

1) Budget: What is the investment range you are considering with your new home? OR Did you have a monthly payment in mind?

2) Area: Where do you live now? Why are you looking to stay there? OR Why are you looking to move from there? What communities/homes have you looked at in that area so far?


3) Timeframe: What is the time frame of your move? Do you currently rent or own a home?

4) Authority: How many people will be making the move?

5) Wants, Needs, Desires: What are you looking to change? OR What is not working for you in your current home?

These questions — among others —  will help the OSC decide where to lead prospects so there is a higher chance of them purchasing a home they can afford, in a new home community that meets their needs. It’s so important to not skip any of these categories; if you ask one question without the others there’s a much less likely chance you’ll get them to a home they are likely to buy. On the flip side, if a prospect is “just looking” or is interested in a future move, the OSC can place them on an interest list and continue to nurture them with updates and information. 

By asking these qualifying questions, your new home OSC will deliver a more personalized experience, and a more qualified prospect to your onsite team, resulting in a higher conversion rate and more sales. 

If you are interested in a complete set of scripts for qualifying and nurturing all prospect types, ask us about g2 Online Home Sales Coaching. We’d love to help set up or enhance your new home online sales program!

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