A Fresh Approach to Online Lead Management

Your sales team is a vital part of your process. But if all the parts don’t work together, the process grinds to a halt. Your Online Sales Team is literally the first step in the sales process. They are the very first interactive contact that your prospective buyers have with your company, your homes, your brand. And, as we all know, first impressions are everything. 

If you don’t have an OSC or your OSCs aren’t well-trained and well-versed in your sales process, your brand is at risk. Do your customer experience — and your company’s brand — the favor of setting your OSCs up for success. Give them the tools they need to vet your prospects by creating a proven process that:

  • Converts website users to leads, appointments, and sales.
  • Better tracks, reports, and manages leads.
  • Helps reduce overall costs per lead and sale by capturing prospects sooner and more frequently.
  • Gives your onsite sales team relief in lead management (whether they realize they need it or not).
This is where Group Two comes in.

Successful Online Sales Consultant Training requires a combination of hands-on, interactive skills, and sales training. Our experienced team at Group Two has developed a comprehensive program based on years of experience and proven real-world strategies. We give your OSCs the tools and skills they need to successfully communicate with, and convert, prospective homebuyers. The program includes a coordinating manual that features detailed lessons, interactive assignments, and real-world examples.

Program Highlights

Defining Roles and Expectations

  • Prioritizing and maintaining focus on lead-generating activities
  • Setting priorities that align with sales goals
  • Managing expectations from others
  • Lead response time requirements / On-call hours 


  • Weekly, bi-weekly & monthly calls with OSC Team
  • Evaluations and reviews
  • Ongoing recommendations based on market conditions and lead sources
  • CRM usage and accountability check-ins

Proper Reporting and Metrics in CRM/Dashboard

  • Understanding the lead funnel and which metrics are important
  • Reporting format and frequency

CRM Follow-Up System and Set-Up

  • OSC-specific follow-up process build-out
  • Phone tracking system & automated drip email integration

Lead Management

  • Qualifying and converting leads
  • Handling objections
  • Go-to scripts for every scenario