Educating Realtors About Buying a New Home

As a builder, you know the ins and outs of your trade like the back of your hand. To you, new homes are second nature. But it’s understandable that many Realtors might not be as well-versed in new as you are. Sometimes, it’s easier for Realtors to work exclusively with what they know well: resale homes.

But with all of your knowledge, you have the opportunity to educate talented Realtors about the unique process of buying and building a new-construction home. (You might just open new doors for them to sell your homes!) Take a look at a few effective ways to provide information to Realtors about the process you know so well:

  1. Path to Ownership: Having your company’s unique process laid out, whether as text on a web page or in an engaging graphic, makes it easier for not only your buyers to understand each step, but Realtors too. From the initial meeting with a sales consultant to closing and everything in between, having each step laid out in order allows buyers and Realtors alike to visualize and feel confident about the process.


  1. Spell It Out: A Path to Ownership is the first part of the equation. The second is an emphasis on the actions that happen between contract and closing, specifically the interactions between buyers and Realtors during construction. If you want Realtors to confidently sell your homes, it’s critical to keep them in the loop on every part of the transaction, and clearly spell out what they must do to qualify for a commission on sale.


  1. Host Realtor Events: What better way to engage with Realtors than at a fun, casual event at one of your model homes? You can incentivize Realtors to attend with things like giveaways and prizes (and even new headshots)! An event is an excellent opportunity to openly discuss the new home process and form relationships with Realtors.


  1. Education Courses: Realtors can complete their continuing education requirements via state-approved courses. You can become a state-approved instructor, or bring an instructor into your models, to offer continuing ed courses. This is beneficial for both of you — they can earn their credits through you while learning about your unique process at the same time.


  1. Realtor Program: A great way to encourage Realtors to stay in your system, learn more about your processes, and ultimately help you sell more of your homes is a dedicated Realtor program. For example, we collaborated with Terramor Homes to create “The Insider,” a fun and exciting program with a tiered commission structure, quarterly events, an end-of-year celebration, shoutouts, exclusive access to news, and more. When you keep Reatlors informed and provide incentives, they’ll be more inclined to sell your homes vs. a competitor’s or resale.

Share the Magic of Buying a New Home with a Realtor

As you know, the process of buying and building a brand new home is one of the most exciting and memorable experiences of a buyer’s life. As a builder, you help people get to this point every day — why not show Realtors how to make the magic happen too? It’s a win for you, your Realtors, and of course, the buyers who trust you with their new homes.

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