It's not just what you say, it’s how you say it.

Need a speaker for your event?

Public speaking is an art form. We craft engaging, personalized talks for your audience by working backwards from the knowledge we want them to retain. No rigid scripts. No dense powerpoints. Just meaningful storytelling with a clear message that will leave them inspired and sharper than before. 

Our passion is contagious.

We love sharing our knowledge with anyone who is as passionate about new home marketing as we are. Here are a few examples of programs we have given:

Surefire Marketing Tools For Attracting Qualified Buyers

A simple yet MONUMENTAL approach to connecting with buyers. This session breaks it down in easy-to-process tools and tips.

How Builders Can connect with buyers on social media

What motivates buyers to click that like button? Or comment on a post? Or share it with their friends? We've boiled it down to a science.

Back to Basics: The fundamentals of New home marketing

A session of marketing education that dives into the fun ways you can build your brand and differentiate your company.

6 tips to incorporate your brand into your homebuyer's big moment

We tap into what truly makes a buyer want to share their big news with the world.

A fun morning with the Home Builders Association Of Greater Kansas City at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema for “Mimosas and Marketing!”

An IBS speaker session featuring Mollie Elkman.