The Importance of Region-Specific Pages on Your Website

If your website is your online home, then its purpose is to give potential buyers a trustworthy place to stop along their new home journey and provide them with exactly what they’re looking for. Oftentimes, buyers know what city they want to live in, so what they’re looking for is the right community in that city to call home. 

This is where the importance of region-specific pages comes in. If you build multiple communities in multiple cities, then it’s absolutely crucial to have a page for each city or region,  where buyers can find all of the communities offered there. Region-specific pages aren’t just important for a superior user experience — they benefit you from a social media, search engine marketing (SEM), and search engine optimization (SEO) standpoint as well.

Strategic Web Design for Homebuilders

User Experience: Now more than ever, potential buyers want their new home search to be as convenient and easy as possible — and if it contains all the right components, your website can set a positive tone for the rest of their experience. When you have region-specific pages available, buyers have all of their options laid out for them in one clear place, which makes the beginning of their journey that much easier.

Social Media: If you’ve ever created a social media ad for your company, you may already know how optimal it is to have a region-specific page to send buyers to from a given ad. Without one definitive page with all of the communities in a city or region, you’d have to disperse your ad money between the various communities within one campaign and ad set so that they do not compete against each other. It goes without saying — make it easier for yourself! Region-specific pages optimize your social media ads. Period.

SEM: There are few things as important to a buyer than location, especially at the beginning of their home search. The main goal with Google Ads is to put the most “effective” location options in front of each buyer during their Google search. Say a buyer wants to buy a home somewhere in Philadelphia, but instead of showing a Philadelphia-specific page, you show ads for communities in various neighborhoods in that city (for instance, South Philly and the Northeast) — buyers may think that they are the only options. To avoid losing any buyer, it makes sense to have a region-specific page that presents all of the options available there.

SEO: Region-specific pages are what we like to call “SEO-friendly,” especially for buyers who are currently in the middle of the funnel — meaning they generally know where they want to live, but aren’t searching for communities by name yet. Region-specific pages are even more important if you have a number of new homes or communities within that area.

For example, let’s say a builder has 6 communities in Lancaster, PA. If we attempted to optimize 6 different community pages on the website for Lancaster, PA keywords, they would all be competing against each other and hurting their own organic rankings. The goal should be to direct that traffic all to one place, and have buyers navigate from there.

In order to get region-specific pages to rank higher, it’s important for them to contain engaging, informative content that targets “geographically relevant” keywords and highlights each community along with the area. Strong content helps build relevance for organic search keywords, and in turn, that relevancy keeps CPC low in Google Ads.

It may seem like a small tactic, but incorporating region-specific pages onto your website will make a big difference. At Group Two, we know how important the “little details” of builder marketing are, and we’re always glad to shed light on topics that may get overlooked by larger ideas. Need help optimizing your region-specific pages or website strategy? Our team has you covered!

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