The Benefits of Updating Your Model Home or Design Center

This past month, Group Two said goodbye to the old building on Ludlow Street that’s been our home for over 40 YEARS! This big transition is a reflection of our growing team as well as our diversifying services. The move got us thinking about how coming to work in an updated office space made us feel. So now we wanted to ask: how does your model home or design center make your visitors feel?

When we related our recent move to our builders’ model homes, design centers and sales offices, we thought about the significant impact these places have on everyone who walks through the door. Homebuyers will utilize these locations for important phases of the homebuying process, so here’s how you can be sure to maximize the impact of your space through a few crucial updates:

Model Homes

Your model homes are exactly that; an example of what your homebuyer’s new home could be. As soon as your buyers step through the door, they’re seeking an emotional connection that will determine whether or not one of your homes is right for them. They need to be able to envision their family gathered around the dining room table at Thanksgiving or their kids playing together in the living room after school. In order to create that sense of home, your messaging and products should reflect the lifestyle they want to live.

Another way to achieve this is to provide images conveying the specific lifestyle of your targeted demographic. They aren’t just buying a product from you; they’re investing in a new lifestyle. Hang photos of happy families and individuals enjoying your homes to send visual cues of what they can expect if they build with you. Make sure these visuals stay current, so your buyers won’t feel disconnected from the message you’re trying to send.

Design Centers
Your design center serves as the ultimate tool for buyers to begin creating the home that fits their specific lifestyle, so as technology advances, it’s important to integrate new strategies into this process. Your buyers want to see how your customizations will fit into their new home visions, so your design center should provide the resources to do so.

3D floorplans and virtual reality tours allow customers to interactively design and build their homes at their fingertips, providing them a life-like, visual representation of your customization options put into action. Upgrades to like these not only improve the homebuilding process for the buyers, but also help them really get excited about working with you.

Sales Office

Trends in the home building industry are constantly changing to accommodate the evolving needs of homebuyers. Updating your office is important to help give your team the proper tools to support and communicate your message. An outdated sales office makes it more difficult for buyers to differentiate you from other builders and less likely to feel confident in your capabilities.

One great way to establish the trust of your buyers is by taking advantage of testimonials and past homeowner stories throughout your sales office. They help authenticate your distinction, so potential homebuyers feel they can take that next step in forming a relationship with you. Whether it’s improving your technology or sharing happy homeowners, the more in touch you are with your homebuyers, the more they will trust you and your process.

Your sales office, model home and design center are not only vital resources for your employees, but they’re a representation of the life your homes can offer your buyers. Any updates you make to these spaces should be focused on making homebuyers see and feel the type of life they’ll live in your homes. To learn more on how to enhance your space in conjunction with your marketing efforts, contact Group Two today.



By Nicolette Miller –
Online Content Strategist


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