Thanks For Playing: IBS Recap 2020

International Builders Show Recap

When it comes to the International Builders’ Show, “what happens in Vegas” most definitely doesn’t stay there… Our team’s goal going into this event is to provide valuable tools and insight into most effective marketing practices for homebuilders — and we hope you leave with exciting new strategies for the year to come!

IBS Recap

We had a blast meeting builders at our Sales Central booth and catching up with industry partners and friends, and of course, engaging in a little friendly gaming competition. We were proud to be the premier sponsor of Sales Central and especially loved being in the middle of all of the action.

In total, g2 held eight unique marketing sessions, ranging from the sales rally to continuing education (i.e. “Marketing by the Numbers”), and we’re so grateful to be a valuable resource within the industry at IBS and beyond. Whether you came to learn more about social media tactics or how to best leverage your SEM, we want to give a big thank you for taking the time to listen to us speak about the work we love so much.

IBS Takeaways

One of the most unique and talked-about parts of IBS this year? The Tech Bytes stage! While two presenters spoke on the same stage at the same time, audience members used headphones to listen in and “switch” between both programs. Chelsey and Bill both had the opportunity to speak on the Tech Bytes stage. Chelsey said: “I wore the headphones while I was presenting and found that the audience was more tuned in to my voice because with the headphones, they were not distracted by outside noises, like their neighbors or their phones. It was like having an individual conversation with each audience member!”

Not to mention, g2 won three national awards! Mollie, our buyer psychology and culture champion, took home the gold as “Associate of the Year”, and Matt, our marketing innovation and profit wizard, won the silver “One to Watch” award. And finally, our trusted website,, was recognized for being one of the Best Websites For an Associate or Supplier. From our innovative leadership to our buyer-first customer service (both in person and online), we’re so proud to be recognized for what we do and what we stand for.

Until Next Time

This year especially, our team is beyond excited to see what incredible things you do with what you’ve learned. In today’s digital climate, a cohesive digital strategy combined with a consistent brand message is your greatest asset — which means it’s time to level up and emphasize exactly what sets you apart to make real connections with your potential buyers.

As marketing experts who specialize in the power of brand connections, we’d love to help you on your journey to “slay” more sales. The show may be over, but the conquest for success has just begun! Thank you again to all of those who interacted with us at IBS 2020 — we can’t wait for everything that’s to come!

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