New Year, New Opportunities!

In the spirit of the New Year, Group Two is charging into 2024 with a passion for challenging the norm and pushing the boundaries. We’re thrilled to unveil three exciting opportunities that will redefine how we navigate the ever-evolving marketing landscape.

Digital Enhancements

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, staying ahead isn’t just a choice; it’s an essential strategy. At Group Two, we recognize the ever-evolving nature of the digital realm, and we’re proactively transforming our digital services to offer partners a comprehensive, cutting-edge experience.

Industry Builder Benchmark Reporting:

Gain a clear understanding of how your digital marketing metrics stack up against industry benchmarks. This valuable insight empowers you to refine and optimize your strategies continually.

Meta & GA4 Certification:

Our team members are not just practitioners; they are certified experts. With Meta and GA4 certifications, we bring unparalleled expertise to the table, ensuring that our partners receive the highest level of proficiency in digital marketing.

Cookie-less Tracking Management:

In response to Google policy changes, we’re implementing cookie-less tracking for all our builders. This means you can adapt seamlessly to evolving policies without losing any valuable data, ensuring the continuity of your digital success.

Expertise in Geo-Fencing and Google Performance Max Strategies:

Unlock the full potential of targeted strategies with our expertise in Geo-Fencing and Google Performance Max. These advanced tactics are designed to maximize your reach, engagement, and overall impact in the digital space.

SEO and SEM Health Audit Reports:

Our commitment to your success goes beyond the surface. With SEO and SEM health audit reports, we quickly identify opportunities for refining and optimizing your digital marketing strategies, ensuring they align with the latest industry standards.

Google My Business Organic Posting Services:

Elevate your SEO game with our strategic organic posting services on Google My Business. By regularly sharing relevant and engaging content, we help boost your online presence and increase visibility in local search results.

Digital Marketing Industry Insights Newsletter:

Stay ahead of the curve with our Digital Marketing Industry Insights newsletter. Crafted by our Digital Director, Jess Altman, this newsletter is your go-to source for staying informed in the ever-changing digital landscape.


Elevating Relationships 

Group Two builds relationships—it’s not just what we do; it’s the very essence of who we are. That’s why we’ve restructured our agency to introduce a game-changing role—the Account Coordinator. Paired with our Builder Marketing Managers, these coordinators serve as the backbone of our strategic approach, ensuring more seamless and powerful collaboration.

Imagine the synergy of a Builder Marketing Manager and an Account Coordinator working in tandem, doubling the strategic power for our partners. These coordinators play a pivotal role in uplifting and supporting relationships, ensuring that our ship sails even tighter toward your goals. Developed from decades of experience in new home marketing, our strategic marketing services are now enhanced with a more dialed-in onboarding and project management process, allowing us to drive more traffic to your door sooner.


We’re Back at Jeff Shore’s Sales & Marketing Summit

We’re excited to share that Mollie will once again take on the role of Guest Marketing Co-host at Jeff Shore’s Sales & Marketing Summit — the premier event in the new home industry.

This summit isn’t just another conference; it’s an immersive experience designed to optimize your traffic and conversion funnel. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Nashville, TN, from July 16-18, this summit promises to be a transformative event for all attendees.

Learn how sales and marketing teams can work in harmony to connect your company’s mission to your customer’s mission. It’s not just about selling homes; it’s about crafting compelling stories that resonate with your buyers and drive them to take action.

Super Early Bird tickets are available for a limited time, representing a $1700 savings off the door price. Seize this opportunity to join Group Two and other industry leaders in shaping the future of new home sales and marketing.

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Here’s to a year filled with innovation, growth, and shared success!

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