Strategic Marketing for Home Builders That Gets Results

We know what it takes for builders to succeed.

Developed from years of experience creating strategic marketing programs for home builders of all sizes, coupled with industry-leading digital practices, our strategic marketing services are designed to get the results you need based on your budget and goals. Our services packages have been tested and proven in housing markets across the country, delivering the most results with greater cost efficiency. Onboarding time is shorter, which means less turnaround time getting started, and more traffic to your door, sooner. Of course, we add layers of customization based on your company’s unique brand voice and look, the local market, and any custom audiences. 


Here’s how we get there:

Differentiation Exercise

First thing’s first — we get to know you! We want to know what makes you (as a company) tick, why buyers love you, and what sets you apart from other builders. We dig deep with fun, thought-provoking questions to uncover what your company stands for, how others perceive you, and how you want to be perceived. Your answers will guide us in creating your Positioning Strategy, a document that details your current position, your unique differentiators, and the position you should own that will set you apart in your market. This internal document acts as a north star for your team and the Group Two team to make strategic decisions and guide your marketing. 

Marketing Audit

Up next, we need to know what marketing you’re already doing (if any at all), and how you’re doing it – so that we can make recommendations to generate even more interest in your homes. We take a fresh look at your existing, overall marketing program from a buyer’s perspective, including your website, social media, creative, collateral, SEO and SEM. Then we do extensive research on your market, buyers, and competitors, and make recommendations to elevate your brand based on your unique position and what we know works. 

Website Review

Your website is the single biggest piece of marketing collateral you own, so we spend extra time understanding it, right from the beginning. We do a detailed analysis of your website’s:

  • Analytics & Site Responsive
  • Community and Available Home Pages
  • Content and Design
  • Conversion Points
  • Additional Opportunities

When finished, we present the results to you in a clear, concise format so that we’re all on the same (web)page in terms of making your homes even more findable on the web, and powering even more conversions on your site. 

Ongoing Strategy

We want you to stay one step ahead of market conditions, so we make ongoing, strategic recommendations for your messaging, offerings, creative, and campaigns to make sure you are prepared for any challenges the market throws our way. 

Media Budgeting and Management

We can manage your entire media plan and budget. If our research and recommendations lead us to include other forms of media in your comprehensive marketing plan besides digital, like outdoor or print, we can develop an overall marketing budget and seek out the best and most cost-effective media opportunities and negotiate them on your behalf. We’ll manage the spend and the results to make sure you’re reaching your desired audience within the allocated budget. 

Detailed, Easy Reporting

We are a fan of data, and use it to guide everything we do. And we share everything we learn with you so that we can make strategic decisions together. We set up easy-to-read dashboards that pull in data from your website, social media platforms, and ad spend — all in one place. You have access to all the data whenever you want, in real time, and once a month we will review it extensively with you. We’ll come prepared with any shifts in marketing strategy or new recommendations to help you reach your sales goals. 

Always Available

Our team is available to you. We have regularly scheduled meetings with all of our builder partners, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reach out via email, phone, or text whenever you have a question or new idea. We are always happy to give recommendations or be a sounding board. We love collaboration!

We Can Come To You

We LOVE site visits, and would be more than happy to visit your communities and sales models to experience your homes first hand. We work with home builders across the country, and are adept at using photos, videos, research, and virtual communication to develop impactful marketing plans, but we will always take advantage of the opportunity to visit in real life! 

Our packages are designed for YOUR success. We start from a blueprint of proven home builder marketing strategies that positions you in your market to OWN a message that differentiates you from other options. Then, our ongoing tactics reinforce your unique message, keep you top of mind, build trust with your audience, and grow your brand.

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