Catch Group Two at Jeff Shore’s 17th Annual Sales & Marketing Summit!

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We are so excited to bring our passion for new home marketing to the program this year!


Generate Way More Traffic
Make The Most Of Every Lead
Protect Your Margins At All Costs
Build Together Market Teams
Maintain Momentum
Stay Mentally Strong

You’ll learn how sales and marketing teams can work in unity to connect your company’s mission to your customer’s mission. Together you’ll learn the stories that motivate your buyers, and tell the stories that compel them to take action.

Every year, Jeff Shore’s Summit is the biggest and only conference designed exclusively for sales leaders in the new home sales industry. Hundreds of people return every year to experience great teaching, build new strategies, learn new tools and expand their network of friends.

Sales & Marketing Leaders Mollie Elkman and Jeff shore


It’s the lifeblood of every business and the shared mission of sales & marketing teams everywhere.

But who is responsible for generating high-quality leads by telling compelling and inspiring stories? And who is responsible for building lasting relationships, getting the customer’s story and converting clicks and visits into elated homebuyers?

The answer is, of course…BOTH!

At the all-new 17th annual Sales & Marketing Summit, new home sales expert Jeff Shore and our fearless leader and new home marketing expert Mollie Elkman will show you exactly how to optimize your traffic & conversion funnel – from brand awareness all the way through to homeowner referrals – using The 10 Critical Conversions Workflow™.

See Y’all in Nashville!