6 Tips to Incorporate Your Brand into Your Homebuyer’s Big Moment

Yes. Buying a Home is a Status-Worthy Moment.Photo Props

And yes, you (builders) should be a part of it.

I came back across a Wall Street Journal article from November titled, The secret to selling a home to millennials: It’s just a backdrop for Facebook photos. Although it’s supposed to be funny, it’s also increasingly true.

It’s becoming more important for builders to find a way to be a part of that ‘Facebook –worthy’ Closing moment for millennials – and even the older generations, too. Although they may not exactly be “doing it for the Insta,” buyers of all ages are documenting the occasion like never before. Think about it.


So here are marketing tips for incorporating your brand into their Kodak moment.

Selling to Millennials

  1. Set the stage. Provide a designated photo spot (or two) to celebrate contract signings or closing. Whether it’s a fun wall in the model or on the homeowner’s site, be sure to capture your logo in the shot.
  2. Give them props. Make it fun and get your logo front and center. Incorporate your tagline, a thumbs up, and your hashtag through photo props or displays. Ring a bell, pop champagne or give balloons; this a celebratory moment!
  3. Be a Creative Director. Don’t be afraid to be the photographer and give a little creative direction. Get experimental with the photos and give your homeowners some direction in getting the best shot. Take several, and let them choose a handful of images they like best. They get a beautiful picture, and you get a shot of smiley happy homeowners that adds authentic content to your social channels.
  4. Create a hashtag. Create a unique hashtag for homeowner photos. It allows homebuyers, and you, to easily view all homeowner photos, especially on Instagram. Even better, you can host contests using the hashtag at a later date to encourage user-generated content for your company.
  5. Make it mandatory… for your sales team. Your crew may roll their eyes the first time you ask them to send you homeowner photos each month. But in 2018, any successful sales associate’s role in any industry requires self-promotion on social media. Share the success on social each month, and consider rewards for team members who are making an effort to keep homeowner photos top of mind.Photos of a Home Closing
  6. Calling all “Brand Ambassadors”. Lifestyle brands do it, so can you. After all, you’re selling a lifestyle right? Encourage your homeowners to share photos of their home during construction, and even after they’ve moved in, maybe having some fun around the neighborhood park or clubhouse. Continue outreach even a year after move-in, and encourage sharing through incentives and referral programs. Keep a contact list of Brand Ambassadors you can gather together for fun “thank you events” and giveaways.


Are you ready to start seeing your happy homeowners sprouting up all over Facebook and Insta? We’d love to talk!


Ali Peters

By Ali Peters –
Account Supervisor





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