Fall Into More Sales With These Seasonal Open House Ideas

Fall is a great time to have an Open House or two… The weather is cooler, and the seasons are a great source for Open House themes!

Fall Open House Ideas

For example:

Back to School! Held in September, visitors get gift cards for free school supplies, lunch snacks, books, etc. And the door prize is a chance to win an iPad or iPod.

Homecoming Weekend! Are you located near a college campus? Take advantage of visitors for Homecoming Weekend by having a table or kiosk at Homecoming. Is your local high school football team a major player? Have their Homecoming game playing on large TV, and have your associates wear team jerseys or team colors. Visitors during Homecoming Weekend get entered to win football game tix or other prizes.

Octoberfest! Decorate your models with hay bales, pumpkins, bushels of apples. Serve pretzels, sausages, birch beer in beer mugs. Play German folk music. Also include banners, balloons, German travel posters in sales offices. And face painters, balloons, pumpkin painting for kids.

Fall’s Bounty / Autumn Harvest: To celebrate November / Thanksgiving / The Harvest, hold a special event where visitors would get $25 or $50 gift cards to local supermarket. The door prize is a chance to win a gift card for groceries for one year (maybe $5,000). e.g., Dinner’s On Us (For The Next Year!)

Other event ideas that are not “Fall-specific, but are still festive for the coming months:

• “Turn the Key, Win the Car” – Hold an elegant event with appetizers and drinks. Each person gets a key. Whoever has the key that opens the car door, wins the car. (Short lease.)

• Are you near an ocean/gulf? Have a Seafood Boil / Bake.

• Hold a local art/crafts festival at one of your communities. Invite local craftspeople to display their works for sale.

• “Taste of the Town” – Play host for local restaurants/chefs as they prepare their favorite food and drinks in one of your state-of-the-art kitchens.

• Hot air balloon “rides”. Local hot air balloon company brings a balloon to your site and gives “rides” (Balloon goes up and down. Does not leave the site.) Door prize might be a chance to win a free hot air balloon ride.

• Seminar on Decorating – Ask your model home decorator to address trends in color and design, considering how rooms function when placing furnishings, and using the space effectively.

• Seminar on How to Sell Your Current Home – Ask a local real estate expert to offer tips on pricing, staging, and other tricks of the trade.

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