Top Marketing Solutions for Homebuilders in 2022

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Builders nationwide are experiencing similar challenges as the market shifts. Across the country, new home sales volume is softening. We must develop impactful big-picture strategies with our Builder Partners during these times of uncertainty and longer buying cycles. 

To develop these strategies, builders must have three things identified and measured: 

  1. Clearly Defined Sales Goals
  2. Lead Volume
  3. Tracked Website Traffic (We’ve got this one!)

Here are just a few examples of strategies to consider implementing for today’s market. Connect with your Group Two builder marketing manager to discuss specific plans designed for your unique needs!



  • Prep to Buy Package
    • Prep to Buy Workbook (Download & Print Version)
    • Financing Prep
    • Getting Your Home Ready to Sell
    • Preview Our Floorplans
  • Prep to Buy Landing Page: Add a page to your website that outlines things prospects can do before buying to prepare themselves better — for example, tips on how to start the pre-approval process.
  • Adjust Your Marketing Message: Launch an Online Campaign



Center a new creative campaign around the things that really matter: your differentiators and your homes! Here are a few suggestions: 

  • Focus on what differentiators or USPs set you apart from other builders and resale
    • Quick Move-In Homes
    • Personalization & Design
    • Included Features
  • Highlight the benefits of new vs. used (resale)
    • Personalize / Make it Yours
    • Peace of Mind / Warranty / Better Built
  • Let your homes speak for themselves
    • Be sure to invest in professional, high-quality photography, video, and interactive content. Show, don’t tell. 



Make buyers WANT to choose you. Focus on your product and your company. Emphasize what you do well.

  • Branding Guide: Do you need a branding refresh? Never underestimate the power of a new color palette or logo update. 


  • Community Service Content: Highlight how you give back to the local community. Promote your efforts via social media, email, and on your website. Remember: you’re not bragging; you’re showing that you are active, engaged, and passionate about your community.


  • An Inspiring Culture: Buyers want to love the brands they purchase from, so seeing reviews and social posts where team members are raving fans increases their confidence in your company. This kind of content promotes internal culture, which is great for recruiting as well as providing information that potential buyers appreciate.


  • Ease of Process: Make it clear your process is smooth and seamless! Promote proven processes via email, website, video, and social media, too. The easier you make it sound, the more likely potential buyers will trust you with this big decision.



So many builders are seeing prospective buyers coming from further away. Not just out of town, but possibly out of state. Think about what those buyers could be looking for.

  • Reasons Why _____ Is A Great Place To Live/Buy: What’s the big draw for the area – Employment? Schools? Medical facilities? A small town that’s close to a big city? Why do people love living there? 


  • Top 10 Local Favorite Spots: Ask your team, family, and friends to come up with the insider faves – restaurants, shops, parks, fun things to do, etc. 


  • What’s Important To Your Relo Buyers: Top school districts, proximity to work, and quality of life continue to rank at the top of the list. If you’re selling to retirees or snowbirds, emphasize why it’s a great place to retire – lots to do, low/no taxes, great medical care, etc. 


There’s a saying: We can’t direct the winds, but we can adjust our sails

While you can’t control everything that’s happening in the market right now, you can implement strategies that make your company more competitive, agile, and responsive. Contact your Group Two builder marketing manager to discuss more strategies for your specific market.

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