20 Simple Marketing Lessons for Home Builders

Everything we do leaves an impression on people. This is why marketing, in one form or another, is a must for anyone with a product or service to sell. It gives you the ability to control how your business is perceived and relay what you can really offer your buyers. For home builders, all of whom are selling the most expensive and emotional purchase of someone’s life, marketing is more than a simple must; its absolute, it’s essential, and it’s mandatory. Here are 20 simple ways to leave the best, most meaningful impression of your home building company.

1)   Recognize how you’re perceived in the market.

2)   Determine how you want to be perceived in the market.

3)   Listen to your sales team for insights on prospective buyers coming in.

4)   Offer exceptional customer service on every level.

5)   Don’t over promise and under-deliver. Ever.

6)   Earn trust by being honest.

7)   Stop over-thinking, and start doing.

8)   Simplify, simplify, simplify.

9)   View everything from the buyer’s perspective.

10)  Connect to your audience with content that is relevant to them; not you.

11)  Be a sponge: Every buyer who walks through the door has insights to teach you.

12)  Never stop learning.

13)  Use images and content that resonate on an emotional level.

14)  Sell the life; not the house.

15)  Accept that if the consumer economy had a gender, it would be female—over 91 percent of new-home buying decisions are made by women.

16)  Surround yourself with people who truly understand your buyers wants and needs.

17)  Be kind to everyone who crosses your path.

18)  Take advantage of the tools around you to analyze data.

19)  Don’t let the options be debilitating. Be decisive.

20)  Have fun with what you’re doing. Advertising new homes is all about the human connection, so be real and be you.


By Mollie Elkman –
Owner and President

As seen on ProBuilder.com.





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