Homes By Dickerson 2022 Parade of Homes

Every year, Homes By Dickerson creates masterfully styled and constructed parade homes for the Raleigh Wake County Parade of Homes — one of the largest and most competitive parades in the country. It’s an event they look forward to every year, and work around the clock to make perfect. Our challenge was to tell the story of all four 2022 parade homes in a way that captures their unique character and generates excitement that drives traffic to the Parade itself.

Since the Parade Home designs were inspired by historical architecture and vintage decor, in order to give more character to the homes, our strategy was to create actual characters and stories for each home to breathe even more life into them. At its essence, this campaign was a direct rejection of the bias around new homes — that they are devoid of soul. Homes by Dickerson’s homes do have a soul. They have the soul, creativity, and imagination of the people who planned, designed, built, and sold them.

In each one of the stories, we meet a character in a moment at home. A moment in which they are completely in love with their lives. When buyers visited each home and read its story, they too became inspired to romanticize every moment and infuse their own “character” into the story of their lives. We also branded each home with a visual identity and created “mood” videos to get prospects excited before the homes were built.