Will you be using Facebook’s new Gifts service?










It’s gift giving season, and Facebook will not be left behind!  On Tuesday, the social media site announced its Gifts  service to the entire country.  People can now send physical gifts to their friends, whether celebrating a mini milestone in life (new job? engagement?) or simply to say thank you or happy birthday.  There are a huge range of gifts available thanks to the number of small businesses who have opted in.  Think gourmet treats, household items, toys, books, etc.

My question is this: do you trust Facebook enough to send and deliver a gift to a friend of yours?  How about using this new ecommerce service to send gifts to new homeowners and realtors to say “Welcome!” or “Thank you!”?  Is this completely ridiculous or are we simply heading in a direction we’re bound to go anyway?  Share your thoughts in the comments!


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