Why Home Builders Need Online Sales Coaching

Events of the last year persuaded many home builders to hire an Online Sales Counselor. That was a major step forward for our industry given the evolution in home shopping behavior over the last decade. But having someone in the OSC role without giving them industry-specific online sales training is like asking a new Starbucks barista to make a Super Venti Flat White without actually showing them how. Sure, they can try. They might even add a few of the correct ingredients. But we all know that the overall product would fall… flat. 

We don’t want that to happen with your online sales program. Although home shoppers are contacting builders at an unprecedented rate, we must remember that every lead is a real person who needs a home. Every lead is also an opportunity for you, the builder, to “wow” them with a high level of customer service, attentiveness, and empathy. Even if you have more qualified leads than homes to sell right now, how you treat the people who contact you will either elevate or diminish your reputation as an organization. No matter what, today’s leads are tomorrow’s home buyers, and their first experience with your brand (your OSC) should leave them informed, impressed, and looking forward to more.

Online Home Sales Training

That’s where Group Two’s Online New Home Sales Training comes in. In our interactions with hundreds of builders, we’ve recognized a gap in the sales process where online leads either fall through the cracks or are purposefully ignored – and both put your brand at risk. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 97% of all home buyers use the internet in their home searches. Qualified home shoppers are filling out your web forms and are ready to buy. The question is… how good are you at converting them to appointments and sales? Or at the very least, in today’s market, how well are you setting expectations while still keeping them engaged and excited about your brand? 

Do your customer experience — and your company’s brand — the favor of setting up your Online Sales Counselor for success. Our experienced team at Group Two, led by Alexis Udine, has developed a comprehensive program based on years of experience and proven real-world strategies. We’ll give your OSCs the tools they need to vet your prospects by creating a proven process that:

  • Converts website users to leads, appointments, and sales.
  • Better tracks, reports, and manages leads.
  • Helps reduce overall costs per lead and sale by capturing prospects sooner and more frequently.
  • Gives your onsite sales team relief in lead management (whether they realize they need it or not).

The program includes a coordinating manual that features detailed lessons, interactive assignments, and real-world examples. Your OSCs will come away with the tools and skills they need to successfully communicate with, and convert, prospective home buyers. 

We are thrilled to offer builders this fresh, proven approach to online home sales coaching! Contact us today to get with the program… and don’t let your leads fall flat.

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