Why Home Builder Site Visits Are Awesome!

As THE ad agency for homebuilders, Group Two is charged with helping people make the most important purchasing decision of their lives – a new home where they’ll start life together, or raise a family, or settle down as empty-nesters.

In order to do our job, we have to get to know our home builders, and because every home builder is different (based on market, product, team, buyers), a site visit is the perfect opportunity for us to dig deeper. When we have a chance to visit in person, we’re able to really learn about that home builder on a much deeper level, which in turn helps us tell their photo 3unique story in new and creative ways.

Recently, members of our team had the chance to visit home builders all over the country. Our account executives thoroughly enjoyed their road trips – and spending time with our home builders. Here’s a rundown of their site visit experiences!

Laura visited Beracah Homes in Delaware. “Beracah is a modular home construction company, so it was very eye-opening and informative for us to truly see the difference between them and other modular builders. Their process is unique in that each home is built to a high standard of quality even though it’s built off-site.”

Her biggest takeaway? “Even the best website can’t deliver what an in-person, site visit can.  To be with the home builder on their home turf and really understand their products, their role, where they’re coming from, is the best way to connect with them. And to ensure that our marketing pieces deliver the message they need to!”

Andy drove to Connecticut to meet with our team at Chatfield Farms. I met Matt in the morning and got the grand tour of the models. We discussed how much pride they take in the quality of their homes, the current sales process and brainstormed some different ways that we may be able to reach out to more prospects. After, we took a tour of the Phase 3 land that they are currently clearing to make room for more lots.”

Andy’s biggest t10171266_825478000834795_762255366718242052_nakeaway? “The community is gorgeous, and Matt and his team really care about the well being of the people that live there. The community is very active and people are running around, exercising, and hanging out by the pool. Everyone seems to really love living there.”

Our media maven, Jaime, and account executive, Ali, made a visit to Elite Homes in Kentucky. Jaime notes, “I think the best part is just seeing the product as well as the local area in person.  It’s really helpful to see first hand what they do well as well as what they struggle with. It really gives me some insight into where we should advertise, what our message should focus on, and how we can help them.”

Group Two’s President, Mollie, concurs. “The best part about site visits is getting to know the people we work with on a daily basis, creating and building relationships.”

So, now that you know how much we LOVE making site visits… when can we come visit YOU?



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