What’s New on Social? Step-by-Step Videos with YouTube Director

Are you ready for this statistic? According to WordStream, social video generates 1200% more shares than copy and images combined. Or how about the fact that according to MarketingLand, 62% of Google searches now includes video?

A lot of builders know the positive impact of video ads in their online strategy. But since producing original videos requires more time, skill and resources compared to text- and image-based campaigns, that’s easier said than done.

Well, here’s some good news. YouTube has launched a new app allowing any business to create quick, polished videos on just about anything through easy-to-use templates.

Here’s the deal on the new YouTube Director for Business.

1.. Download the app to your phone.
2.. Select from a number of pre-existing video advertising templates to introduce yourself or show off your services.
3.. Use the camera on your phone and shoot. Each template has step-by-step instructions, and advice on how to best format your subject.
4.. Add text, animations and music to the video, and make edits to the length with a cropping tool.
5.. Upload your finished video directly to YouTube, then share it on your social media channels either with a link or by downloading a copy to embed directly.

Just like that, you have a custom video.


Aside from being very easy to use, why should you give YouTube Director for Business a try?

  • It’s free. Why not see how it could work for you?
  • It requires very little video knowledge. Which is a good thing when your favorite ad agency (and all online marketing experts) likes to recommend video, but video production is way over your head. This app is almost like having us there to walk you through the process of making a successful ad, so you can produce more content, more frequently, without pricey professionals involved each time.
  • Look at the stats above! Video is dominating social media advertising. And with Facebook’s new algorithm, a video post has a much higher chance of getting engagement and showing up in your followers’ Newsfeeds. If your strategy is lacking video media, then this is the tool you’re looking for.
  • The templates are designed specifically for ads. So you can repurpose some of your existing videos, while also incorporating NEW videos that are designed based on best practices for effective ad content.
  • Even if you don’t have a particular story in mind, the templates are neatly organized by genre. Or you can discover styles developed specifically for the home and real estate industry by heading to the “By Business” tab. Choose your template based on the mission of your ad, and what you need to create it.
  • It’s personal. While it’s not a professional video, it is up-close and behind the scenes. And it shows YOU not just as a business, but as a person your buyers will be working with. A video can show a day in the life better than any photo can, so don’t be afraid to let buyers know who you really are!

Luckily, as video ads are becoming more and more important in marketing, creating them is becoming easier and easier. You’re running out of excuses to not take advantage of this valuable aspect of your marketing.

To learn more about creating video ads and incorporating them into your strategy, you know who to call.


By Nicolette Miller –
Online Content Strategist



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