What’s New on Social? Facebook Messenger Ads

Another day, another new Facebook ad. But we’re not complaining because with each one, it keeps getting easier for your buyers to start a conversation with you whenever, wherever they want.

Facebook Messenger has one of the latest ad updates, allowing users to have a fast and convenient way to schedule appointments with you or ask questions about your homes, communities and building process.

How Does It Work?

The ads function similar to most Facebook ads in that they will show up in a user’s news feed. However, now when they click or tap the ad, it opens a Messenger conversation between your page and the prospective buyer. If the user is on a mobile device, the conversation will open in the Messenger app, and if they’re on a laptop or desktop, Messenger window will open on their screen.

Even when that particular conversation ends, user can return to this messenger window at any time and on any device to continue the same conversation.

How Should Builders Use It?

Share an Offer. By creating an ad that introduces an offer (i.e. money toward closing costs, included appliances, or other limited time incentives), you enable potential buyers to easily click to ask follow up questions or get more information. This helps you keep ads short, sweet and enticing, offering just enough info to start a conversation, and to tempt them promotions or savings.

Introduce Something New. Whether promoting a new community, a Grand Opening or your sales center, these ads make it easy for potential buyers to gather all information necessary to attend the event or visit on-site. While introducing something new often requires a decent amount of detail in your post descriptions, but too much copy can distract users from the get-go. These ads provide real-time answers to interested users.

Get Feedback. Messenger ads are a great way to encourage unique engagement that gets your buyers talking without the pressure of their responses being public. Ask for opinions or feedback on your processes or products, or simply ask fun questions that start a conversation. They can answer directly on the post, or feel more comfortable talking with you through the messenger. Either way, getting any conversation going is a step in the right direction. Just make sure to have a team member (or Group Two!) standing by to respond.

Messenger Ads in a Nut-shell:

  • Fast & Convenient – An easier for buyers to get in touch with you.
  • Real-Time Answers – Buyers can schedule appointments or get answers regarding specific content you’re posting
  • Saved Replies – Can be used for common questions such as sales center hours, location, etc., making it easier to manage but still giving a personal feel.
  • Greeting Messages – can send automatically when conversation opens so buyers are addressed right away, and know when to expect a real response from you

Something to Note:

Your Messenger ad will not appear to people on mobile who do not have the Messenger app. So if you’re looking to get your buyers talking, and establish a personal connection with real-time interaction, then contact us to learn more about how you can utilize Facebook Messenger ads in your digital strategy.


By Nicolette Miller –
Online Content Strategist






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