What Isn’t Changing On Social Media

In an environment where it seems like everything is changing at a rapid pace, it can be comforting to remember some of the things that will remain constant. In this socially distant time, we need to find ways to bring everyone closer together, and that can absolutely be accomplished through organic social tactics that you’ve already been practicing for years! Here are our top 5 tips on how NOT to change your social media strategy:

  • Facetime: Face-to-face interaction is vital to those that are staying-in-place in their own homes. Remember Facebook and Instagram live? Utilizing these tools now allows your prospects to tour your homes virtually. You can also hold model grand openings, and explain your high-quality home building with a large group of your buyers (while still keeping a 6-foot distance)! 
  • Virtual Tours & Matterports: You’ve had these filmed and created for your homes for ages, and NOW is the time for them to really shine. Push this content out on social media for the entire world to tour!
  • Be a Resource: That blog page on your website? Start using it as a tool for everyone that is quarantined and scrolling online. Give your audience useful information like Best at Home Activities for your Children, Hobbies to Pick Up at Home, and Tips for Being the Most Productive Throughout the Day. These blogs take on a new meaning when all of your prospects are actually looking for this advice. 
  • Engage With a Question: A poll, a fill in the blank, and a “Comment if…” post are great ways to stimulate your buyers’ minds and keep them active on social media. Keep it light and keep them laughing — they’ll appreciate you more than you realize! 
  • Be Transparent: One of the most important things that you’ve been doing, and that you should continue to practice on your social media, is being open and honest. Use social media platforms to update your buyers on what is happening internally with your company, as well as provide information about the future of their homes if they have already purchased, and how to get in touch.

The key to normality lies in what you already know! It’s times like these we have to step back, and recognize and strengthen that strategy that has been there all along. Practice social distancing, but always stay social!

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