What Builders Can Do To Adjust Brand Experience Strategies

This article is from ProBuilder Magazine’s September/October publication and was written by our Director of Brand Experience, Melissa Galland.

During the 2nd quarter of 2022, the share of prospective homebuyers actively engaged in the purchasing process rose, leaving our builders to lean on incentives and strategies that worked in the past. However, due to a change in buyers’ flexibility on timing and features, prior strategies may not drive the same results.

A holistic brand experience strategy will prove to be the best solution by catering to the most important goals of the buyer throughout the whole process. It’s become more about customers doubling as fans and employees that evangelize your product versus only focusing on first impressions.

Along with their teams, builders can use the tools they already have to make adjustments to existing brand experience strategies. Keeping a focus on ads, other content, and events that educate buyers on how to prepare for homeownership in today’s market. There are several other changes builders can make to break through this market shift.

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