Vertical or Horizontal Video: Which Direction Should You Go In?

filming video vertically

Today, the options are endless for potential buyers to interact with your homes online. From photo galleries to virtual tours, anyone on a computer or a phone can access your product like never before. This is great news — and means that you have choices when it comes to your digital content.

But one medium in particular that is always evolving: video. With smartphone advances, Video content continues to become easier to consume in the palm of a hand (and in HD, no less). From “real-time content” like a home tour on Facebook Live to “professional content” like a home spotlight on your website, users can now experience your homes and your company in the accessible, entertaining way they know and love.

So the big question stands: do you shoot your videos horizontally or vertically? Whether you’ve considered this or not, the most important thing is not to worry — there’s certainly no “right or wrong.” What you do with your content is ultimately up to you, but each form does have its unique pros and cons.


The OG: Horizontal

The orientation that you’re most used to (think TV and movie screens), horizontal video content is great for many reasons. For one, our eyes are “laid out horizontally,” so of course, we naturally view everything in this way. Horizontal video is not only easy to watch, it also feels familiar to most viewers, which certainly adds a layer of likability. It’s biggest con? It’s not as “up to speed” with technology trends… which leads us to its competitor.

horizontal video shooting

The New Guy: Vertical

Today, vertical video is all the rage, and for a good reason. It may not fit the format of traditional screens, but it does fit the format of smartphones (which, as we know, are the easiest modes of content consumption). Think about it: how many times a day do you view video or images on your phone? Quick and convenient, a vertical orientation is exactly what people are seeing on a daily basis.

vertical video shooting

Which Works Best?

With one orientation being “cozy” and traditional, and the other being timely and easy, you may be wondering which one most accurately fits your company’s content. The truth is, both work effectively in different ways. If you’re considering a professionally filmed video on your website (i.e. a home or a community spotlight, your builder story, etc.), horizontal is the way to go.

On the other hand, anything filmed in real-time for apps like Facebook and Instagram are easiest (and most entertaining) to watch when they’re vertical. This includes everything and anything creative and on the spot, including a home walk-through or an employee shoutout. While the choice is yours, it’s good to know that although one form doesn’t overshadow the other, both work best in different places.

Remember — not long ago, we told builders that shooting video horizontally was a must. The most valuable takeaway is that shifts in digital media happen fast, and the biggest indicator of effective marketing is the ability to adapt.


Of course, it’s not always easy to keep up with these kinds of trends when you’re busy building homes, and this is where g2 comes in. Our job isn’t just to understand and implement trends, but to stay far ahead of them. If you’re looking for digital marketing for home builders, and content that connects you with the right buyers, we’re your team to guide the way.

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