“True Two” Talent Series: Tina Mastrull

The right people can make all the difference when it comes to working and partnering with any company. Group Two is proud to say that our team is made up of truly talented team members. So much so that we’d love to share with you a bit more about one of our “true two” talents, Tina Mastrull.


Tina’s Group Two Evolution

Tina is our Associate Creative Director! They were drawn to Group Two by the culture, organization, creative freedom, and opportunity to grow within the company — and they sure have!


Within almost five years, they’ve had a truly remarkable evolution. Starting as the Junior Art Director, working on mainly design and production, they were quickly promoted to Art Director, then Senior Art Director, and now their current position. During this evolution, their role became more client-facing, focusing on strategy and leadership within the creative team and on projects. This included developing many creative campaigns to better serve our clients and working with other team members to elevate their creative skillsets. And they’ve been killing it!


Tina’s Favorite Projects

Tina has many favorite projects, but a few stand out.


New Tradition Homes – Open House Video

This video project for New Tradition Homes was created to showcase the steps to using their Self-Guided Tour feature. Tina created the two bouncing characters to represent the potential home buyers going through each step. They also animated a logo that features the “H” from Open House on an opening door.


Brown Haven – Brownie The Bear

Tina collaborated with Brown Haven Homes to develop a character that would later represent the core values of this builder’s brand. This fearless and confident mascot, Brownie the Bear, was meant to inspire the Brown Haven team and give its audience a happy (and rather sly) guy to root for.


Shawn Forth Homes – Shark Campaign

This summer savings campaign for Shawn Forth Homes is centered around the idea of fishing and hooking up one of the limited shark-sized deals. Tina designed a large “quirky” shark with its mouth wide open, about to chomp on the details. 


Tina’s Favorite Part of Working Here

The people, of course! Aside from that, Tina loves designing campaign concepts. This allows them to do a bit more research and look for inspiration. They enjoy the opportunity to piece together different elements to create designs that don’t just look great — they drive buyers to builders too! The collaboration aspect also appeals to them, especially collaborating with fellow teammates. Another fun part is seeing the concepts come to life and expand over time.

When it comes to Group Two, Tina is all about the many opportunities to learn new things and grow. For example, if there’s something we haven’t done before, we can show initiative by learning it and sharing it with others. They also like that everyone can pave their own path and discover the things they enjoy working on most.


Fun Facts About Tina

Our “true two” team members are not only builder marketing experts but have talents and aspirations beyond the Group Two family.

  • Barbershop Stint – For several years, Tina was a part of a competitive barbershop group called Sweet Adelines International in Philly.
  • Bucket List Item – Despite hating heights, Tina would love to get their pilot’s license to fly recreationally.
  • Experimenting With Drinks – Tina likes to create unique alcoholic beverages to wind down. Currently, they’ve been working with a classic martini recipe.


Tina’s Routine

Every morning starts with feeding the cats, Pancakes and Kit, and making coffee with oat milk. Then it’s time to get into work mode. Tina likes to create a healthy work/life balance by organizing their day based on the priority of tasks, heftier projects, and ending with smaller, quick tasks. At the end of the day, you can find them walking around their neighborhood with their partner, Sara. You might even find them having one of their famous drink concoctions!

We’re so happy to have Tina as a part of the Group Two family! They offer so much to our builder partners and us through creative design, direction, and an awesome personality. We can’t wait to see what the next five years hold! #true2

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