True Two: Nikki Kirkland

Nikki Kirkland

The right people can make all the difference when it comes to working and partnering with any company. Group Two is proud to say that our team is made up of truly talented team members. So much so that we’d love to share with you a bit more about one of our “true two” talents, Nikki Kirkland. 


Nikki’s Path to Group Two 

Nikki is one of our Social Media Coordinators, but she took a slightly circuitous path to get here. Though Nikki graduated with an Elementary Education degree from the University of Delaware in 2020, her senior year had taken an unexpected turn. It was the beginning of COVID, and she was suddenly a student teaching virtually with kids who were suddenly having to learn virtually. Nikki passed her teaching tests, but thanks to COVID, she had to wait 6 months (!!!) for the paper transcripts she needed for her PA state teaching certification. She got tired of waiting and took some online marketing courses and rekindled her love of social media and marketing. One day while she was job searching, Nikki stumbled across G2. She interviewed with Jane and Chelsey — and loved them. (Obviously. Who doesn’t?) The rest is history! 


Nikki’s Role at G2

Nikki just celebrated her one-year anniversary. (We can’t believe it either. It feels like she’s been here for so much longer!) She says she’s still learning every day — about social media and our builder partners! On a day-to-day basis, Nikki works with her group of builders, creating three organic posts per week for each one. She enjoys navigating the different circumstances that each builder has, understanding how to work with them, and presenting their unique voice and story. Nikki’s also been mastering paid ads and the strategy behind them. She loves doing video content, too! (More about that below.)  


Nikki’s Favorite Things at G2 

Nikki loves creating video content. (It is, after all, what she spoke about at the Builders’ Show this year: 60 Seconds or Less: Using Short-Form Video to Connect With & Educate Buyers | How to take social media trends, relate them to homebuilding, and make truly educational short-form videos for today’s audience.) She enjoys it because the content is exciting and new, and you get to see the most results from it. Nikki also loves strategizing with our builder partners! She says she learns so much from talking to her builders, using their calls as an opportunity to ask pointed questions that get us closer to understanding their buyers and how to tap into their emotional state. 


Nikki’s Favorite Project(s)? 

Medallion Home’s Lakes Lemonade.

For the Summer of Social, Nikki created a graphic called “Lakes Lemonade” for Medallion’s Lakes of Mount Dora community. The graphic got great engagement, so G2 worked with the builder partner to spin it into a larger campaign. Nikki says it was so cool to see a simple graphic turn into a paid ad that was running everywhere. 


What Would We Be Surprised To Know About Nikki? 

Some may know, but some might not… Nikki teaches competition dance and choreography two nights a week at the studio where she grew up dancing. (Follow Nikki on social media to learn more about her passion for dance! They’re just getting started on a new season.)   


Nikki’s Typical Work Day Looks Like… 

The first thing Nikki does every morning is open Sprout (our scheduling service). She goes through the inbox and sees every single comment and private message that each builder has gotten. Nikki loves monitoring and responding to comments on social media because she values providing a great customer experience, and all social media interaction IS part of the buyer experience. Nikki says, “You need to treat questions on your social platforms the same way you’d treat them if the person was right in front of you in your model home. It’s all part of the brand!” 


NIKKI’S PRO TIP: Organization is key! At the end of the day, Nikki goes through her calendar for the next day. She likes to know what she’s going to be getting into and wants to make sure she’s prepared. She also organizes her email — putting things away in folders and keeping out what she needs reminders on. #OrganizationGoals


How Does Nikki Wind Down? 

By working out! Nikki has been getting into mat pilates recently. It’s a pretty similar workout to dance, and she uses what she’s learning and brings it into her dance classes. As far as entertainment goes, Nikki and her roommate are trying to finish Love Island UK. They’ve been watching it since June and still aren’t done. (There are 60 episodes and they’re only on 40!) She knows the US version has started… but doesn’t think she can commit to that many episodes again! As far as more meditative pursuits are concerned, the building she lives in has a rooftop, so she likes to head up there to watch the sunsets. 


We’re so happy to have Nikki as a part of the Group Two family! She offers so much to our builder partners and us with her energy, enthusiasm, and creativity. We can’t wait to see how her future unfolds! #true2

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