The Rise of Organic Social Media

A wise person who worked in social media once said: “The strength of your social media is determined by the strength of your content.” Never has this statement been more true than right now. Some people have even thought that posting organically was a long lost art and maybe even not worthwhile, but we are here to show you the type of impact it has been having in our current environment, as well as the difference builders are seeing when they commit to collecting great content. The Social Corner has been poring over analytics for the past month and tracking what kind of social posts have been driving the most traffic. Within the past month (compared to the month prior), we noticed a large uptick in traffic from organic social. Much larger than we had ever witnessed. So we dove deeper.

We went into our social media management platform and looked at aggregate statistics from all of our builders in the month of April 2020 compared to March 2020. Here’s what we found:

Organic impressions saw a 24% increase during the month, but reach had decreased proving that while we’re not reaching more users, the users who are currently following our pages are seeing our content more times. “GREAT news,” we thought to ourselves… but are these users engaging with our posts?


The answer is yes. In fact, the overall engagement rate per impression rose 12% from the previous month! Of course, we wanted to uncover what exactly was causing this increase in engagement. Throughout the month, we’ve been identifying the best type of content to share on social media right now. 

The million-dollar question: what’s resonating with people? We separated our builders, and took a good look at those who really brought their team together and invested the time and money into getting relevant content, from FaceTime tour videos showing how buyers are virtually finding their new homes to a homeowner’s original song. (Yes, for real!) These were the results from those builders:



But it wasn’t only on social media that we saw these increases! When we looked at the organic social traffic to the website, we also saw steady increases from the beginning of March all the way to the end of April. With significant increases all around, it’s safe to say that their content game is on point — helping to amplify their unique offerings, build genuine trust, and send users to the website. That one wise person who worked in social media would surely be proud.

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