The Group Two Team is now Houzz Certified!

We're all Houzz Certified! Here at Group Two we are always learning.

Being passionately inquisitive is just part of what we do. 

We study housing trends in markets coast to coast.

We read the newest marketing books and articles.

We analyze social media behavior patterns.

We  challenge ourselves to discover new skills and techniques to better ourselves, and to better the home building companies we work with.   

Our newest feat? Our ENTIRE TEAM is now Houzz certified!

We are excited to implement what we have learned about this marketing platform which also happens to be the largest gathering of individuals interested in housing IN THE WORLD. 

Check out our Facebook page over the next few weeks for some group two tips and trends. 

Group Two Advertising is a full service agency devoted specifically to new home builder marketing and social media.  215-561-2200.

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