The Face of Builder Advertising: How to Leverage Facebook in 2019

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Big news: there’s never been a better time for builders to be on Facebook. Yes, you read that right — 2019 is the year you’ll finally get to put your homes in front of the most eager prospects. How do we know this? Well, we recently dove into Facebook’s 2019 Real Estate Trends Report, and we’re #dying to tell you what we’ve found (trust us, you’re going to like what’s coming up in the next few paragraphs).

As you know, prospects today are primarily searching for homes digitally. But the trend we see is that many are only using their mobile phones to search for and compare homes. Because this buying behavior is such a major shift from what you’ve experienced in the past, it’s easy to be skeptical. But research confirms that — as strange as it seems — many of today’s prospects may never see a website, ad, or email on anything but their phone. After all, modern life is all about convenience, and nothing is quicker, easier, or more convenient than a smartphone.

Whatever your feelings about Facebook are (whether you *heart-emoji* it or *angry-face* it), it’s important to know just how much this social media platform can help increase sales. Take a look at a few of the ways you can meet your prospects exactly where they are… and show them exactly what they want to see utilizing the biggest trends from Facebook!

GROUP TWO BUYER FUNNEL GRAPHICEntice prospects with your Facebook presence:

You most likely have a Facebook page set up for your company, but just the “bones” is not nearly enough. Today, prospects are looking for “meat,” and by that, we mean substance. They want your unique personality infused into organic content that speaks to them and entices them to think: maybe they’re the one.

Now that today’s users are constantly surrounded by information, it’s no surprise that “the average homebuyer spends nearly 14 hours a week on social, and 65% say they’re influenced by online friends’ homebuying posts.” This means that after seeing that a post about a friend bought a home, about “33% of millennial first-time homebuyers say they reflect on their ability to do the same.” That’s your cue!

Post photos of a gorgeous home that’s offering an irresistible incentive, create a poll that compares two spectacular features in your homes, or show a photo of a new homeowner standing in front of their magnificent living space decorated for fall. According to Facebook’s report, “house hunting is now always-on, 24/7.” What does this mean for you? That’s easy: you must have an around-the-clock Facebook presence. 

Provide answers at the snap of a finger:

How many times have you felt “disconnected” from a company or a product you’re looking for? Did that feeling turn you off and change your buying plans? Now that communicating with one another online (particularly Facebook) is easier than ever, prospects want answers and attention at the snap of a finger — and the good news is that you can accommodate this need for “instant” communication with Facebook Messenger.

Did you know that “65% of people feel more confident messaging a business than emailing (55%), filling out a form on a website (58%), or calling (58%)”? This means that many of your prospects find Facebook Messenger to be the easiest and most convenient way to get more information about your homes; so the question is, how can you do that? There are two effective ways for you to leverage Facebook Messenger. 

Live Chat

Live chat is when prospects use Messenger to “ask questions, schedule viewings, search inventory,” and more. Your social media or customer service team can respond to inquiries and create connections with those who are showing real interest in your homes. There are also features like message templates and quick replies that “can create guided home browsing experiences in conversation.”

Automated Messages

Of course, your team can’t always be there to converse with prospects, and this is where automated messages come in. With automated question-and-answer prompts, you can “instantly qualify and disqualify leads based on responses, and prioritize leads based on intent and signals.” When your team isn’t available to respond, it’s good to know that you have a reliable backup. 

Provide the video content that prospects really want: 

Simply put, video is dominating Facebook advertising. More specifically, mobile-optimized video is now the most effective way to get in front of and appeal to the right prospects. Just look at the stats: “86% of prospective homebuyers say they’d use mobile video to learn more about a specific community they’re considering.”

Engaging visual ads are far more likely (two times to be exact) to capture the attention of users than static image ads are. Why? Because video provokes emotion — and as you know, there’s no purchase more emotional than a home. When prospects feel a real, emotional connection to your content, they’re naturally drawn in. Now’s your big opportunity to draw the right prospects in. 

Video ads significantly resonate with prospects. With Facebook’s Video Creation Kit, you can turn “existing image and texts assets into mobile-optimized videos framed in 1:1 for newsfeed environments, or 9:16 for Stories on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.” Whether you’re looking to promote certain homes and features or generally promote your unique brand, the creative power is in your hands. 

Do you #like what you’ve read today?

Facebook advertising for builders is showing no signs of slowing down — so it’s your time to hop on. Now that the average US adult spends nearly 1 out of every 3 media minutes on a mobile device, you know exactly how much of an impact your Facebook presence can make on your business. Are you ready to take what you’ve learned and unleash your inner social butterfly? Your prospects are out there waiting to see what you’ve got.

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