The Essential Home Builder Marketing Checklist

When it comes to marketing, there are key things that all builders should be doing or asking themselves. Now, in an ever-changing market, is a great time to revisit these questions.



  • Are you running targeted ad campaigns with relevant keywords?
  • Are you running display and retargeting ads to hit new and returning visitors?
  • Are your click-through rates below or above the industry average? Do you know what that is?



  • Are you performing SEO on a monthly basis on your current website?
  • Are you regularly producing optimized content with best SEO practices in mind?
  • Does your content include internal and external links?



  • Are you running Facebook ads in addition to posting organically on social platforms?
  • Do you have a TikTok account (it’s useful, even if you may not think so!)
  • Are you following a content calendar or posting without a plan?



  • When was your website last updated?
  • Is your website responsive/mobile friendly? How is the speed?
  • Does your website have multiple conversion points?


If you asked yourself these questions and don’t know the answers – or want to discuss them further – we would love to talk! We have the knowledge, and if you’re not already implementing these key digital marketing strategies, we can help you get there.

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