Stephanie Garrity

Senior Art Director |

Strong marketing pieces are pleasant to look at, but there’s so much more that goes into making them than visual appeal. When it comes to your visuals, you need an expert to combine builder differentiators with the right design aesthetic to create marketing collateral with real depth and meaning. Good news: Stef’s your girl!

As someone who’s spent about 75% of her career marketing new home construction, the different principles that attract a new home buyer are now second nature to her. Beyond understanding the “spirit” of any builder, Stef loves to try new creative approaches, and find ways to make a product more exciting and successful.

Above all else, Stef’s “major works of art” are Mike and Hanna Garrity, her kids. A positive, forward-thinking artist, Stef spends her free time doing mosaic work (especially because she loves forming something beautiful from unwanted pieces), and enjoys volunteering in her community.