Sabrina Santos


Copywriter, Sabrina, shares our love of words. “Words are the key to understanding. Yes, we were able to communicate before them, but once man discovered words and sounds, a whole new world came to life. I also feel like the right words, at the right time, for the right audience can make a HUGE and POSITIVE impact not only on an individual level but on the whole of humanity!” Sabrina’s innate creativity, passion for people, and word skills are a perfect fit for G2. And her previous experience as an interim OSC and sales assistant for a home builder in Sarasota gives her some insight into the builder’s side of things.

When she’s not writing the punniest headlines (seriously, we’ve taken to keeping a list!), Sabrina is a perpetual learner of all things. Her current curriculum includes finance and self-help. She’s also an accomplished singer! (When she comes up to Philly, we see some karaoke in her future.) Her playlist is a who’s who of female powerhouse artists… with a twist of Broadway musicals added to the mix. While singing along with her favorite sirens, she might also be snacking on chips with guac, salsa, and hot queso, or Smartfood White Cheddar popcorn.