Ryan Gurian

SEO Specialist

One of the most rapidly changing facets of the digital world is SEO, and Ryan (don’t call him “Rye Bread”) Gurian loves the challenge. As a former copywriter and self-described “Type A Creative”, his problem-solving skills give him an advantage when it comes to applying and keeping up with SEO strategies. He is able to strategically leverage content and monitor the performance and UX of our builders’ websites in order for Google and other search engines to place them in front of potential homebuyers. Ryan also loves the challenge of working with homebuilders in the digital space and becoming familiar with the homebuilding industry. “There’s a great satisfaction in having a hand in guiding our builders to the best possible results. Applying creative problem-solving strategies and watching the progress take hold is very much a passion of mine.”

When he’s not mastering the finer points of SEO, Ryan might be watching anything on HBO Max, and TCM (he’s a fan of old Hollywood movies, especially film noir). “I can never get enough Food Network. I love watching those chefs on Chopped put a meal together with strange ingredients!” He’s also a HUGE Brooklyn Nets fan and an NBA fan in general. Ryan also has serious snack opinions. “If I’m going sweet then there’s nothing better than Reese’s peanut butter cups. The man who invented these should have a statue and we should get a day off of work every year to celebrate his accomplishment. If I’m going salty or savory, then it’s gotta be mozzarella sticks dunked into marinara sauce. Fried cheese and tomato sauce can end wars and be the catalyst for world peace, I’m convinced.” Feel free to chat him with your rebuttal!