Richard Elkman

Founder & Consultant |

Out of a Philadelphia studio apartment in 1969, Richard Elkman started something special that would come to impact the lives of countless homeowners for the next 50 years. Initially taking on all of the work for Group Two himself, the company quickly expanded — several offices and many dedicated employees later, g2 evolved and grew into a full-fledged, trustworthy, and one-of-a-kind agency just for homebuilders.

Throughout the many shifts and changes the housing industry has seen over the years, Richard is certain of one thing: “I made a lot of mistakes, but apparently made a lot of good decisions. One of the smartest ones was to convince Mollie to take over g2.” Richard knew that he wanted the company to build upon his foundation, but in his daughter’s own image. Today, Richard loves nothing more than watching Mollie and Daniel manage the new and improved g2.

The most important thing that Richard learned while owning g2? The company was always bigger than him. When it came to choosing the right people for his team, passion and hard work was just as important as the necessary skills. His own passion was to be the best that he could be, while money was always secondary. Being a valued part of the builder’s team and teaching others the skills that he learned through success and failure is what made his role so rewarding each and every day.

Today, Richard still works with five builders and truly enjoys every minute. When he’s not working, he takes full advantage of “the fruits of his labor” with his life partner, Cindy. His four kids, Marisa, David, Mollie, and Laura are his greatest legacy. If you’re ever out in Delray Beach, the Florida Keys, or Nantucket, you might spot Richard boating, fishing, or even making his own beer. To Richard, every day is a gift, and his g2 family couldn’t agree more.

Watch Richard accept NAHB’s “Legend of Residential Marketing” Award like a true Legend: