Nikki Brown

Builder Marketing Manager

When it comes to any successful marketing strategy, it doesn’t just take someone with a quick, knowledgeable mind to get there — it also takes a creative outlook, an intuitive sense, and most importantly, an empathetic personality. Fortunately for us (and our builders), Nikki is the complete package.

As an account coordinator, Nikki assists her builders with their marketing projects, overseeing the entirety of each one from conception to completion. When it comes to the challenges she faces, Nikki doesn’t just tackle them head on — she welcomes them. “It’s so much fun to be creative and to figure out ways to help builders get past their hurdles,” she says. Since she’s joined the g2 team, her eye for compelling storytelling and her fascination with the creativity behind marketing has truly allowed her to open up new doors for her clients.

Born and raised in South Jersey, Nikki is a diehard fan of Philly sports and Penn State football, and loves spending her summers relaxing down the shore. When she’s not doing spin classes or traveling somewhere (she visited 10 countries while studying in Europe!), she’s spending quality time with her dog, Sadie, who she claims she loves too much.