Melissa Galland

Director of Brand Experience

As a builder, it’s vital that you work with people who understand how your industry works. As your marketing partner, it’s essential that Group Two not only understands your industry but also knows the best ways to help you succeed in that industry. With Melissa on your team, you’re good to go. She brings a wealth of building industry knowledge to the table with decades of experience working in-house and on the agency side. “I am a passionate leader of a results-driven brand experience strategy who thrives on building happy, high-performing teams. As an avid culture champion, I leverage critical data and seek opportunities to collaborate cross-departmentally to drive continuous improvements in experience, performance, and the bottom line for Group Two and my builder partners. I strive to make an impact. Every. Single. Day.”

Melissa is a data-driven marketer and a certified CX Champion with a firm belief that impactful marketing strategy extends beyond the first impression. Her experience running homebuilder brand strategy ranges from meaningful design and communications to cross-departmental partnerships in operations, product development, sales enablement, customer care, and HR. Melissa has created and managed the long-term vision and strategy for large national, regional, and small family-owned builders.

When she isn’t obsessing over homebuilder trends, Melissa loves the ’90s, HGTV, game nights, PNW Pinot, carbs, and puns. (Perhaps a pun-off between Sabrina and Melissa is in the future?) She is “the proud mother of an extraordinary human and two of the sweetest pups. And I couldn’t do any of it without the boy who swept me off my feet back in high school!”